Win Two Tickets To Dallas Chop House Emoji Dinner June 28th

Photo one Chef

Chef Richard Triptow will be  doing an emoji dinner June 28, 2018 at 6:30, and you will not want to miss this one. This elevated dining event will bring everyone’s favorite food symbols to life in especially delicious culinary creations.

Guests will be presented with a menu with no descriptions or photos, only emojis. Six courses featuring culinary creations that bring emojis to the table provide an experience that will keep everyone guessing.  Guests will match what they are enjoying with the correct emojis.  Each dish will be paired with a wine from Doña Paula Argentina.

You may find your tickets for $65 at Eventbrite, or make a comment below to possibly win one of two seats for this fab dinner. The last time this style of dinner was offered at Dallas Chop House it sold out quickly.


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47 responses to “Win Two Tickets To Dallas Chop House Emoji Dinner June 28th

  1. I would love to be a part of this event!

  2. Carolyn Barker

    I want to win this, heard about it from a friend who went last time and sounds fun!!

  3. Glenn Mackay

    Put me down for a win! lol

  4. Tanya Ellington

    Enter me.

  5. Brin Carleton

    [waving hands] pick me!

  6. Gary Bruner

    I have dined at Chop House several times and it is always perfect, please enter me in this contest. Oh, hell I am buying tickets. If I will I will have my own contest!

  7. Joe P.

    Is there beef? I love beef.

  8. Lawrence


  9. Tracey Taylor

    😍👍💕 pretty please???

  10. Jimmy

    How do I enter?

  11. Laura Tate

    Pick me!! Pick me!!!

  12. Tom Garrett

    Yes please, enter me and choose me

  13. Paul Wang

    Hoping to win this thing!

  14. Melissa L.

    If I win can Mr Doyle join me?

  15. Thomas Hanley

    I want this. It is a bit cryptic, but I guess thats fun?

  16. Lisa Marie

    Can we just say I won and be done with this? I have never won a Crave Contest yet! I have a friend who won twice in two years.

  17. Doug Alexander

    I’m hungry now, can we just all go there for dinner tonight?

  18. Jerry Hill

    I need to win something for my self esteem.

  19. Quisha

    Pick me.

  20. Liz N.

    Wow! What a fun idea!! I’d love to go!

  21. Sheila Barnes

    I think I have entered maybe 50 crave contests and no win. Let’s do this!

  22. Melissa Powers

    Win me up

  23. Jerry K

    I will take these tickets off your hands.

  24. Come on let me win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Dana

    We ❤️ D-C 🏠👨‍🍳 🥩🍷🍰

  26. Diana Bueno

    😁 I’d so live to win and try to figure out the Emojis! Not to mention enjoying an amazing dinner with amazing wine!

  27. Sofie

    Quirky idea 🙂

  28. Adina

    🥩🍖🔥🍷🙏🏻😊 This sounds like an exciting event!

  29. Michelle

    Ooooohhhh sounds like fun! I’m up for an adventure like this!

  30. Carolyn Davis

    This would be a great event to go to.

  31. This looks pretty fun and creative.

  32. Talisha

    Sounds yummy!

  33. Veronica

    ☝️ ☝️ ☝️ Me me me! I have always been curious about this Emoji Dinner and would ❤️ to experience it! 🍷

  34. Zach W

    🔥This is an awesome idea🔥

  35. Skippy!

    Do they have gluten free emoji?

  36. Kaylah

    Enter me por favor

  37. Greg R


  38. Bobby

    Let’s goooooo!

  39. Shelley Bream

    When is the winner chosen? I want to win!

  40. Jan D.

    Choose me for this.

  41. Phyllis and Jim

    Would like this.

  42. Tim Bell

    Yes I would like this!

  43. Sarah

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I’d love a pair of tickets and will pay it forward by treating someone who deserves a nice meal if chosen 🙂

  44. Congratulations Scott for the win! We gave sent an email for winning details.

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