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Redneck Bottle Service At Truck Yard For Limited Time

Watermelonby Steven Doyle

Our favorite adult playground is at it again, this time with giant watermelons and zero shame. The same spot off Greenville Avenue who makes the best cheesesteaks in Dallas is offering up a fun option for some end of summer love. Behold: the Redneck Bottle Service. When I first saw the headline in my email inbox I was thinking 40’s of Schlitz. No, this is so much better.

On August 18-19 all day until they run out, the Truck Yard is offering “Redneck Bottle Service.” Basically, they’re tapping whole watermelons with a pour spout and loading them up with Espolon tequila and orange liqueur. Combine that with the watermelon juice, and you’ve got a fruit keg full of electrolytes. And tequila. 

The spiked-watermelons cost $75 and are available for groups of four or more. The guys and gals at the Truck Yard are making a limited supply so be sure to arrive early and stay late for the cooling treat.

Truck Yard | 5624 Sears St | 469-500-0139


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