Ka-Tip to Open at Dallas Farmers Market

katip.jpgby Steven Doyle

This past weekend Ka-Tip, the future Thai restaurant that will occupy a space street-level in the Harvest Lofts at the Dallas Farmers Market, previewed their menu to a capacity crowd at Taco y Vino in Oak Oak Cliff. There guests tasted a small variety of dishes that pleased and in some cases surprised the guests with their marvelous flavors.

“There really is nothing like our food in Dallas, these are the true flavors of Thailand,” oKa-Tip owner George Kaiho told us via a phone interview. George is half Japanese while his girlfriend is Thai, and she is the one who showed Kaiho how the flavors worked using recipes from her childhood, and ingredients rarely found in the North Texas area.

38758776_10157236574217437_4781410734984658944_n.jpegThe Geng Kyow Wan is this spicy green curry dish supplemented with seafood, mussels and scallops, along with eggplant, bamboo and basil served with vermicelli.

For now you may sample these extraordinary dishes that will rotate at the Dallas Farmers Market open shed. There will also be a plated tasting at Jettison soon where Kaiho currently works as a bartender.

39000264_204784160386907_7088163521350860800_n.jpegWhat seemed like another bowl of Tom Kha Gai was an amazing slurp-to-the-last blessing of coconut milk and chicken that was spiced up enough to raise your brows and endulge to the last spoonful.

Kaiho’s bartending skills are legendary, and he once brought his skills to a cocktail tasting which he offered pre-war Japanese cocktails. Sounds intriguing and also sounds like he will no doubt offer similar libations to the new Ka-Tip when it opens in the first quarter of 2019 (earlier if we are lucky).

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