Picolé Pops Cure August, Opening in Deep Ellum Today

o (9).jpgby Steven Doyle

Who doesn’t love a fantastic frozen confection? Mix in some exotic fruit and a touch of booze and you have an instant party. This is what Picolé Pops is all about. With a location in Bishop Arts on Davis and a new location opening this weekend in Deep Ellum there will be plenty of happy enjoying the fruits of Picolé. 

The Brazilian paleta is operated by brothers Adrian, Andres, and Jorge Lara all from Mexico City where they ran a similar operation called Manhattan. The thought was that in Mexico they enjoyed exotic names just as we do in the US. Makes sense, I suppose.

o (7).jpg

o (8).jpg

The $4 and $5 treats are not like any peleta you may have enjoyed. Check out the dark chocolate version filled with an ooze of Nutella, or fruit filled pops engorged with kiwi, guava, and açai. Glorious.

The Deep Ellum location opened today and there will be plenty of specials to grab your attention. Chill and thrill with a boozy Picolé.

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