Eat Me: Ten Ramen Tonkotsu

ten tonkatsuby Steven Doyle

A mere few years back it was super exciting to see a new ramen hot spot open in Dallas because there were so few to enjoy in town. As time corrects that anomaly we have a good amount of bowls around Dallas to choose from. Ten Ramen, cheffed up by Tei An alumni Matthew Hoa.

You will have several delicious options at Ten including tonkotsu and shoyu. The tonkotsu is a pork broth, chicken bones, kombu, loaded with bamboo shoots, scallions, bok choy and grilled chashu. Be sure to ask for a poached egg for good measure. Maybe think about additional chashu if you are super hungry, but the bowl in itself is filling and should not leave you wanting.

Expect to stand and slurp to your hearts content, and take leave as soon as you nibble the last little bits at the back of the bowl. There will be people waiting for your spot and it is only good manners to make a hasty exit. There is always a line, always.

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