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7 Awesome Cooking Classes in Dallas

Tre-Cooking-Concepts-Services-Team-Building-1.jpgby Steven Doyle

Faithful readers of CraveDFW enjoy a great meal wherever we might find one, be it a small mom and pop Asian kitchen doing amazing dumplings in Richardson, to a perfectly medium rare duck from a one of our starred restaurants prepared by a famed chef. We will eat it. But what about a fantastic dinner party in our own home, or a cozy dinner for two celebrating absolutely nothing. We do need to cook on occasion. 

For those occasions we might conjure up the idea of recreating the lacquered duck at Wolfgang Puck’s Five Sixty, Dan Fearing’s amazing tortilla soup or perhaps popovers ala the Zodiac room  with that amazing strawberry spread.  We may not all get those recipes exactly correct, and most chefs will email you a recipe of something fantastic you tasted at their restaurant, but often we need help with technique, knife skills or hpw to make the perfect tagliatelle. This is where cooking classes come to the rescue. Hands of technique from classic chefs who did all the heavy lifting at the CIA or anywhere Escoffier’s name is whispered.

Today we have a small list of classes that we recommend.

Garnish Kitchen: The latest class in town is in Oak Cliff in the old Bouchon space. There chef Aaron Hubbard, who studied at the Culinary Institute of America Hyde Park, will give you an  expert and fun experience that is perfect for a date night activity. Sharpen your knife skills and perfect your pastries. Garnish also has a short menu for a meal on the run.

Tre Wilcox Cooking Concepts: Top Chef Tre Wilcox has cooked in the finest Dallas restaurants who offers a myriad of classes of all sorts including specially designed courses for couples, team building and special demonstrations where guests watch and dine.  Chef Tre is charming and talented and guests take away a good amount of knowledge.

Young Chefs Academy: Chefs of the future will be of an elevated calibre with children now learning culinary skills in every direction, from public and private schools to special culinary academies such as Young Chefs where they start off children as young as 3-years old. Check out the many clinics, classes and camps offered in this Frisco facility.

The Cookery: This unique cooking school for the home chef has an ongoing class  for gourmands of all skill levels. Located in the Design District choose your favorite class by cuisine listed on the monthly calendar listed on their website. CLass size is typically a very manageable 14 and they also offer private classes for groups of a similar size.

Sur la Table: Look for this high-end kitchen wares retailer. Classes vary by location but they are especially known for knife skills training, which is essential prior to any cooking class. They also host special days where they sharpen your favorite blades. Dine and learn!

Dallas Chocolate Classes: Pastry chef and French cookbook translator Zach Townsend creates the most exquisite pastries for any occasion, but also hosts a little known pastry class. Find his recipes in renowned pastry chef and cookbook author Rose Levy Beranbaum. Learn from the best at one of his very small and intimate classes.

Dallas Farmers Market: Weekly classes are given at the Dallas Farmers Market nad hosted by any number of famous Dallas chefs. Classes are super inexpensive and you eat what you learn.

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