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Exclusive: Junior Borges Out at Up on Knox

Junior Borges, Executive Chef. Photography by Mei-Chun Jau.

Chef Junior Borges

by Steven Doyle

Chef Nilton Junior Borges left the restaurant group that owns both Bilboquet ad Up on Knox, and a soon-to-open concept adjacent the French Bilboquet.

The chef, who is classically French trained was born in Rio and came to Dallas via restaurants in New York City, lured by opening Uchi. He soon made his way to the Joule Hotel where he ran all the culinary programs, but more recently signed on to the Up On Knox group where he was to open his own mystery restaurant.

This new concept will be a butcher shop-meets-bodega with an entrance facing the fountain and courtyard that connects Le Bilboquet to the new space on Travis.

Chef Borges has made a name for himself in Dallas as one of the more amazing innovators.

We reached out to both Borges and the restaurant group but both were not ready to comment. We will have a pr driven quote later today. More information as we filter through the day.For now they offered this:

We can confirm that Junior Borges is no longer with Up on Knox; however we truly wish him the best in his new endeavors.

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