Fake News Mom Told You About Your Dinner

mom-son.jpgby Steven Doyle

Dear mom taught us how to walk, how to talk, and everything in between. Mom was and probably still is a valuable source of information to the galaxy. Besides, she loves us flaws and all.

But mom was not always right, and she would do most anything to get us to eat right and behave. Sitting close to the television, or getting too close to the microwave – nothing horrible will happen to you. Promise. It’s science. We are here to dispel a few other myths that mom perpetuated. Some are actually quite entertaining.

Coffee Will Stunt Your Growth:We asked the good folks at Harvard about this myth and they insist coffee will not affect growth in children. It does contain massive amounts of caffeine which is why mom was vehemently against your coffee habits at age 7.

Must Wait 30 Minutes After Eating to Swim: Sorry mom, no one will sink to the bottom. After eating, the body directs blood to the stomach to help with digestion, so it’s conceivable – though unlikely – that swimming with a full stomach will cause cramps. But contrary to popular belief, a painful stomach cramp doesn’t make people drown. The American Red Cross recommends using common sense when it comes to swimming after eating.


Carrots Will Improve Eyesight: This one’s not all fiction, but it’s not exactly an “if one than the other” situation. The fact is that vitamin A promotes good eye health, and carrots contain beta-carotene, which the body converts to Vitamin A. So, while it won’t increase your visual acuity (at night or during the day), and there are plenty of other foods that deliver Vitamin A (eggs, milk, sweet potato), it’s still the best reason we can think of for you and your kids to finish those carrots.

Bread Crusts Have All the Vitamins: Mom’s will say anything to not waste food, and that  is cool. But fact remains that the crust may have marginally more nutrition caused by something called the Maillard Reaction which causes the browning of crusts, but the gain is marginal at best.

It Takes 7 Years To Digest Gum: Huge myth especially considering a Lego takes about  two days to pass your system. Your system send whatever you may swallow right along to the bitter end.

Children Need a Multi-Vitamin: It never hurts to take a little extra especially if the child is breastfed and needs a little vitamin D boost. But even the most finicky eater will grow just fine without the help of the Flintstones.

Sugar Causes Diabetes: Type I diabetes is caused by a faulty pancreas. You’re born this way, baby, and there’s nothing you can do about that. Type II diabetes is a little different.  It is a result of insulin resistance.  Insulin lets sugar into the cells for them to feast on, and when insulin has to work overtime to deal with a ton of sugar, the cells get pissed off and refuse to react to insulin.  This means the cells starve and the level of sugar in the blood remains high. While eating sugary foods can contribute to diabetes by overworking the insulin system, it is by no means the only way.



You Must Eat Three Times A Day: Eating three times daily is more cultural that fact. To maintain your blood sugar it is a safe bet three times is a good thing, but your body may need more. Breakfast is so important for that very reason, your sugar levels are at their lowest.

Clean Your Plate: We all know children will starve in China or Africa or wherever if you do not clean your plate. Fact is you should eat until full, any more can cause childhood obesity. Pay attention to your body, not your plate. Many restaurants serve huge portions for perceived value and is rarely an indication of what you should actually eat. A great tip if the portions are massive? Immediately box what you know you will not eat for the mythical doggy at home.

Leave Santa Cookies For Better Gifts: OK, that one is true.

What did your mom tell you?


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