Killer Caramels are a Valentine’s Treat: Contest!

IMG_1298.jpgby Steven Doyle

With over twenty years in some of the best hotels, restaurants and schools chef Jeff Rockow has plated terrific food for most of us. He is primarily a catering chef and produces private marvelous dinners in the best homes in Dallas and also has a custom caramel he offers , packaging out of a rental kitchen in Dallas.

His Killer Caramels can be found online and in shops around the city including Holy Ravioli on Lovers Lane.

Currently he has one flavor available packed in a beautiful see through box revealing the prized squares that are sea salt adorned and quite addictive. Each are hand cut, created and ready for your favorite sweetheart this valentine’s day. We have ten boxes to give away and ready for pick up  at New York Sub off Hillcrest.


Comment below to enter the contest where we will award ten lucky people Monday the 4th.


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53 responses to “Killer Caramels are a Valentine’s Treat: Contest!

  1. Ted Jamison

    Sign me up!

  2. Ginny Glass

    Sounds like something I want.

  3. Teresa

    Love your contests so much.And these caramels really good!

  4. Beverly Davidson

    Pick me!!

  5. Anna Lawrence

    This is something I can use in my life right now nowp, something sweet

  6. Laura M. Haberman

    I would LOVE to win these awesome caramels. I’ve never had these. But I love caramel ! Right now I’m drinking a caramel hot cup of tea ❤

  7. Susan Watkins

    These are the best caramels in the world!

  8. Ray

    Put my name in a hat please. I do love me some caramels are they soft?

  9. Hannah Clemson

    Love it!

  10. Terrence Lawlery

    Whatever I need to do to win this.

  11. Tammy Landers Locke


  12. Skippy!

    How about this Monday the 4th!

  13. Angie Stranberg

    Do you ship to Iowa?

  14. Liz N.

    Those look mouth-watering delicious!!

  15. Samantha

    Entered to win.

  16. Andy Lewis

    They are AMAZING!

  17. Brian Yarbrough


  18. Tammy Evans

    Love this, count me in.

  19. Sarah

    Would love a chance to try these out.

  20. Terry


  21. Sarah D

    Perfectly wonderful

  22. Chris

    I have been killing caramels since 1978. Bring it on. On!

  23. jmellby

    Caramels are great!

  24. Adina

    Love caramels!!

  25. Nicole Shotwell-Smith

    Pick Me!!!!! Lover of Caramels!!!!

  26. Sunny

    I love caramels!

  27. Beatice Allen

    Give your caramels their best shot! Kill me baby.

  28. Amanda Samsel

    Yes please!

  29. Jane C

    sounds delicious!

  30. Olivia

    A box of caramels and a mam to go with it

  31. Gary L. Juren

    “Celebrate flavor. Celebrate life.”

  32. Gayle Poirot

    I want me some caramels!

  33. Kristen

    Yum yum yum! These look amazing.

  34. Rusty

    I do love me some caramels and those look good. Thanks Crave.

  35. Stephanie Stevens

    They are amazing!

  36. David Silber

    I know someone who would love these!

  37. Leah Barker

    Send to me amd I will share with vendors that love fresh quality goods. 😉
    Seriously, these treats look delectable.

  38. Erin Lucia

    So yummmmy!!

  39. Annie Greenslade


  40. These look AMAZING!!! <3

  41. Jeff Rickow has always been a great chef and I am sure a Master Baker. Thanks Steve Doyke for bringing this to my attention. As a realtor I’m always looking for gifts to introduce my clients to that can help not only them but local business.

  42. Mmmm sea salt n caramel.

  43. Travis Rex


  44. What time do I get so lucky?

  45. Pamela

    Wow!! I so enjoy caramels.

  46. Katy

    Love carmels and especially sea salt ones. Yum.

  47. winners have been notified!

  48. Brooke B

    Mmmmmm. Caramels… 😊❤️

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