A Tour of Greece and Opa! in Rowlett

o (5)by Steven Doyle

It wasn’t long ago that we wandered into Kostas Lazana’s Opa! Greek Taverna is Rowlett and had an amazing experience. Rowlett may sound far but it is minutes from downtown Dallas and  an easy commute for most.

It was six years ago that this young upstart opened his own taverna that supplies patrons fine Greek cuisine heartily from his beautiful location in an upscale strip center. The hot spot enjoys a brisk crowd seeking dolmas (off the chain), saganaki, lamb, moussaka and so much more.


The dolmades are grape leaves served stuffed with beef and rice and served smothered in a delicate but creamy Avgolemono sauce made with lemon and rice. The dish set our table on fire, but not literally as the saganaki did with its big show and a shout of “opa!” across the room which gained applause.

Other appetizers are offered such as a Greek spread plate served with triangles of pita. Look for roasted  and pureed eggplant, another with a combination of feta and ricotta with blended red peppers, creamy hummus, and a thick malange of cucumbers and dill in the form of the delicious tzatziki.


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Look for a  bountiful platter called Mount Olympus that is breathtaking for $18 and includes gyros, broiled sausage, pastitsio, chicken souvlaki, oven-roasted potatoes, pita bread and tzatziki. Hearty for any large appetite. But there is a larger version that comes with an Opa challenge called Tour of Greece supplied with Lamb chops, pastitsio,
moussaka, original gyros, loukaniko, chicken souvlaki, oven-roasted potatoes, Fire Feta,
tzatziki, rice pilaf, lima beans plaki, Greek green beans and pita.  And that is a mouthful that will garner the t-shirt.

The smart money will order the lamb chops with side of Greek green beans, pilaf and more.

o (6).jpg

The menu is beautiful with a few non-Greek options such as a finley grilled steak. And set sights on seafood  dishes as well (charred octopus is requisite).

The bar is a large focus at the taverna with regular tap takeovers, skilled cocktails and Greek wines. The experience will leave you grinning and shouting joyous Greek phrases that have no meaning.

Ever had a Greek brunch? Opa!


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