Craving Seafood? So Are We!

seafood-tower-pappasby Steven Doyle

There is no doubt that the people at Crave enjoy great seafood, and what a marvelous time of year to enjoy delicious creatures from the sea. Although none of us are Catholic, the lenten season gives us great reason to jump on the wagon to good food. From briny oysters to sweet crabs of all sorts and so much more.

With a great craving today for seafood we wish to reminisce over nine great dishes we have had recently that involved seafood. Indulge us.

crossroads shrimp.jpgCrossroads Diner Shrimp and Grits

o (7).jpgMontlake Cut is one of Nick Badovinus’ growing cull of restaurants that  will wow you, along with this appetizer of King Crab

malai kitchen.jpgMalai Kitchen Shrimp Pad Thai

pier 247.jpgPier 247 Shrimp and Crawfish Nachos

hookline3.jpgHookline’s Char Grilled Oysters

DSC06817Truluck’s Cioppino

water grillWater Grill’s Live King Crab

bilbouquet.jpgBilboquet Crab and Avocado Salad

dive.jpgDive Coastal’s Large Lump Crab Salad Sandwich

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