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Your Horoscope Tells You Plenty About What To Eat


By Melissa Alouf

Astrology has within it the fun of possibly finding guidance from the stars. Next time you struggle to find a place to eat, check the horoscope signs of your companions and see how our guide helps nail down where to go. 


Aries is the youngster of the zodiac and is often childlike in their approach to life. Suggest a gourmet hot dog for the Ram. They will appreciate the honesty and unassuming nature of a hot dog meal and it should keep them from whining .

Recommendation: Dog Haus or Angry Dog

Taurus the Bull as a dining companion will enjoy a tranquil dish that allows for a simple head nod of yes as bites are taken in quiet appreciation. Find a great steak place with a sure knowledge of how meat should be cooked.  The Bull won’t say much; you’ll just be rewarded with the Bulls steady gaze of veneration.

Recommendation: Knife or Al Biernat’s

Geminis have a tendency to get bored easily.  Since the Twins like change, tapas are a good fit. The variety of tastes and ability to have more than one dish will have all of Gemini’s personalities satiated.

Recommendation: Si Tapas

With Cancer the Crab’s tendency to sooth and be motherly, comfort food is the way to go. Find a place with dishes from any heritage that includes the comfort food of that culture and your Crab companion will insist they thought of it.

Recommendation: AllGood Cafe or Celebration

Leo’s have a desire to bask in attention and they want to feel full after a meal. Your best bet is to suggest chili. Lions will enjoy the attention of winning the debate about how chili should be cooked (beans or no beans) and afterward their desire for a nap will be proof they were fully satiated.

Recommendation: Stampede 66 or Goodfriend Beer Garden

Virgos have a particular way to do things and admire those who follow prescribed plans. Take the Virgin to a bakery where precise measurements are used. It will calm the Virgos tendency to obsess over the desire it be done a different way.

Recommandation: Boulangerie — Village Baking Company or Bisous Bisous

Libras have trouble making up their mind since they are fond of balance as well as indulgence.  They can see the merits of most any food and as a result are well suited to buffets. Here they can eat all the options without having to pick just one.

Recommendation: Kalachandji’s or Afrah

Scorpios don’t want to play the astrology game just go with chicken fried steak.

Recommendation: AllGood Cafe or Jonathon’s

Sagittarius the Archer has a tendency to be distracted easily. Look fine dining places with small menus so they aren’t lost in making a decision.

Recommendation: Gemma or Fearing’s

Capricorns seek out learning not only because they enjoy it but because they need to. Take a Capricorn for a seafood meal as fish oil is known for aiding the brain.

Recommendation: 20 Feet Seafood or Truluck’s

The non-conforming conformist is Aquarius. Choose a vegetarian place where they can feel exotic.

Recommendation: V-Eats or Spiral Diner

Pisces are creative and don’t like feeling confined. Any burger place with their own take on the fixings and a patio should suit the fish.

Recommendation: Keller’s or Off Site Kitchen

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