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The Clover Club Premiers June 14

Parliament Luckyby Steven Doyle

Dallas, prepare for a deal changing club and restaurant just days away from premiering on the Dallas scene. From the hearts and minds of restaurant owner and investor Brad  Woy and uber cocktalier and bar owner Eddie Campbell (also known as Lucky to fans) comes Clover Club which is a send-up of the original Bellevue-Stratford Hotel’s Clover Club from the late 1800’s Philadelphia social club which attracted movers and shakers of the day, including moneyed bankers and intellects of the time not too unlike the Midtown Manhattan Algonquin which also attracted a similar heady crowd.

Clover Club

Both hotels had a signature cocktail that Campbell intends to play up at his new venture which falls into his growing fold, including Parliament and Standard Pour. The common denominator being fantastic historic cocktails which he has an affinity for creating.

“We will of course serve the historic Clover Club which is made up of  fresh raspberries, lemon, egg whites and gin”, Campbell told CraveDFW”. Frothy with egg whites and a botanical gin, it will be garnished with fresh berries.

Hunter Sullivan

Add to this recipe a massive club, which will be geared to the over 35 set in Dallas. The duo brought in Hunter Sullivan as music director who is known for a quality Big Band sound and often is seen at large format social engagements, the Rosewood Mansion and other high-tone venues.

Sullivan will be creating several theme nights such as a mid-week Motown-esque evening with appropriate bands  paired with appropriate cocktails, along with a high energy Friday night and that Supper Club style Saturday night, and finished with an old school Latin theme on Sunday. For the latter think old school clubs which might have been frequented by the Scott Fitzgerald’s in Cuba or South American replete with cocktails such as a Pisco sours, daiquiris or mojitos. Copacabana style of old.

“I am in tune with some great bands and will be bringing them into this curtained stage, but I won’t be opposed to varied  performers”, Sullivan told us in a recent phone interview. “We will follow up nights with a DJ till 2am”.  Look for Sullivan to play the venue several times each month as well.

The Clover Club will be dual-leveled with separate entrances. The main room, the first floor, will have a dress code, but the rooftop bar will be relaxed. Expect plenty of glitz to impress.

Dining will not be an after-thought and Clover Club secured a top chef in Anthony Van Camp who was most recently in charge of both Al Biernat’s kitchens, plus he opened and operated SER at the Anatole, and was the sous chef at the legendary Nana at the same hotel.

Look for a short menu with bright appetizers such as charcuterie and foie, plus aged beef and great cuts of steak.  Van Camp plans on serving items that people in Dallas order with a price point to please everyone.

The Clover Club is located at 2404 Cedar Springs and is set to open June 7 June 14th.We look forward to a new era in entertainment for  Dallas.





















The menu will be smart and tight, like Van Camp’s new kitchen. Think charcuterie, smart appetizers, aged beef. These are items chef does well.

This beautiful chandeliered, heavy leather and gild will premier June 7 if plans go well. Clover Club is located in the former Nikkei location at 2404 Cedar Springs.

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