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Khao Noodle Shop Serves Authentic Laotian Food in an Artful Fashion

IMG_8152.jpgby Alex Gonzalez

Located on Bryan in the flavorful side of town, Khao Noodle Shop is bringing authentic Laotian food to Dallas. Styled in the fashion of a traditional Asian eatery, with a semi-open kitchen, bar style seating and Asian magazine prints and posters throughout, Khao is one of few immersive cultural Asian dining experiences in Dallas.

While Laotion dishes are intricate and comprised of several complex flavors, Chef Donny Srisavath has managed to arrange his plates in an artful fashion.


Among Chef Donny’s signature items are pickled veggies and bamboo, which he grew and pulled from the ground himself, sticky rice, his smoked catfish, chicken feet, chicken heart, and the Ka Poon Nam Pa soup. The Ka Poon Nam Pa is comprised of vermicelli noodles, curry paste, balls of fish and catfish broth.

The recipes and shop is inspired by his mom, his childhood memories of her home-cooking and his travels throughout Southeast Asia. A place to khao gun (come together) and to share home-cooked dishes with friends and family. At Khao Noodle Shop, you’ll feel like home.  The menu is crafted for sharing and tasting, like how it’s served in Southeast Asia. Order one or four smalls of different noodles and soups to share or eat alone and when you’re done, stack the bowls up. A limited menu of about 15 items will boasts items like boat noodles, khao soi (Laotian-style), khao poon (spicy vermicelli soup) and sakoo (tapioca dumplings).

The word Khao has many meanings: ‘khao’ by itself means rice or food, ‘khao gun’ means come together, ‘kin khao’ means to come eat and ‘khao kin’ means food. “The name represents everything I hope the shop to become—a home for friends and family to come together to enjoy great Laotian food. #MaKinKhao (come eat),” he said.

While Dallas offers many good Asian restaurants, you won’t get closer to Laotian culture anywhere else but Khao Noodle Shop. Khao Noodle Shop is now open for lunch and dinner.

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