Swim To Chamberlain’s Fish Market Grill For Lunch

DSC00948by Steven Doyle

Chef Richard Chamberlain operates two solid destination restaurants in Addison. There is his beefed up namesake Steak and Chop House, and the other is his Fish Market Grill. Both superb in their own right. Last week we had an opportunity to check out the new offerings at the latter for lunch and was completely enamored.  

Chamberlain has a long history on the Dallas dining scene having worked at some tremendous restaurants. The Chef worked his way through El Centro’s culinary program in Dallas, taking his first position in fine dining at the legendary Mansion on Turtle Creek working with the opening chef, Christian Chemin. Just a few short years later Chamberlain went on to work with Dean Fearing as sous at Agnew’s in Dallas, and a series of marvelous restaurants such as Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, Ratcliffe’s and San Simeon in Dallas, and the Little Nell in Aspen, Colorado.  


In 1993 the chef opened Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop House in Addison, and not too many years later he opened Chamberlain’s Fish Market Grill. Both have been met with tremendous success.

When asked, Chamberlain scoffed at the thought of being called a landlocked city where seafood might be disregarded by the seafood erudite. Chamberlain has fresh seafood flown in daily via international airport and is able to have as fresh of fish as any port city in the United States and beyond.

Consider his current offering of live softshell crabs, which tastes uniquely different that what most palates are accustomed to in the frozen variety offered by most restaurants year round.

Unlike most seafood restaurants, especially during luncheon hours, Chamberlain’s portions are generous and some might find a second meal in a single plate. That was certainly our experience. Consider the Jumbo Shrimp Mediterranean stoked with massive crisp shrimp and a plate of greens loaded with flavors and kissed with a Dijon red wine vinaigrette or the Hong Kong-style steelhead trout with ginger, garlic, shrimp, vegetables and a ponzu for good measure.



The East Coast Flounder is an especially delicious selection made with a Parmesan caper crust with a Chardonnay sauce, served with Chamberlain’s signature crispy Brussels Sprouts.

There are items on this menu not to be overlooked such as the newly offered Hawaiian Poke, steamed mussels, crab cakes or the coconut almond shrimp, and there are also a nice selection of beef and chicken dishes for those who take exception to seafood. We witnessed several bone-in ribeyes being devoured as we made way to our table, but definitely look for new, fresh and healthy options.


Desserts are a sweet success at Chamberlain’s and all made in house, including a very sharable white chocolate coconut cream pie, a triple chocolate peanut butter pie and the requisite, but equally delicious key lime.

Enjoy a lingering lunch at Chamberlain’s, or a quick repast where servers can have you fed and on your way back to the office in less than an hour. We suggest taking a long lunch and enjoying a glass of pinot noir for good measure.

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  1. Jeff

    Thank you….I love this!

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