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19_2011_01_JesusBBQ-1by Steven Doyle

Just around the corner from Rahr Brewery in Fort Worth you will discover a gem called Jesus BBQ. With a name such as Jesus in your title you are sure to elicit something close to ethereal smoked meats and surprisingly one of the better chicken fried steaks to be found in the area.  

The steak comes pan fried with cream gravy and a side of mashed potato (as Jesus meant for it to be served). There are also a few extraneous previously canned veggies that make their way to the plate.  Just shove those off to the side and enjoy your iceburg lettuce. Canned green beans are not crave-worthy.


Do not forget one of the buck-fifty fried pies that are made in house which makes Jesus BBQ worth a drive for our Dallas friends and colleagues.

The BBQ is certainly tight. Smokey, charred, juicy and tender. What more can we ask for in a brisket. For their sandwich they want to chop the meat, but this is always a mistake. I do not want a pit-master baby-birding me with seemingly pre-masticated beef. I want to taste the meat and all the nuances associated with what brisket has to offer. Always choose sliced.



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The chic dive décor hasn’t changed much over the past years, with the tiny diner opening in 1972 to the end of the Vietnam war when our nation started healing itself. What better way to unite then over a simple but good meal.

Jesus also offers a breakfast menu and well-rounded Tex-Mex items as well. Do not forget one of those aforementioned  Bring a bit of cash when making the trek to the burgeoning area, as Jesus does not take plastic. You won’t need much.

You may just find Fritz Rahr at the counter after brewing a batch of his Ugly Pug.

Jesus BBQ | 810 South Main Street, Fort Worth, TX | 817.332.0168 

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