Tillman’s Stands the Test of Time *Contest

u0uymGSg.jpegby Deborah Wilson

In the beginning, there was Tillman’s Corner.

This was in the era B.C. — before cool — when roosters still roamed the un-gentrified land of Oak Cliff without fear of city code inspectors or the heedless, speeding wheels of a yuppie’s Trek.

It was 1992, and Ricky and Sara Tillman created Tillman’s Corner in the Bishop Arts District.

And it was good.


Chef Ricky happily cranked out New American fare that drew customers to Oak Cliff before the arrival of today’s hipsters. (Dallas food historians will appreciate that Ricky was a former sous chef at The Mansion and was related to Bill Tillman, former saxophonist for Blood, Sweat and Tears.) The Tillman’s were visionaries, developing their ideas, and real estate, to help rebuild the once-thriving North Oak Cliff neighborhood.

That was then, and now Tillman’s continues but the basics remain the same. Chicken Fried Steak, amazing.  Crazy good biscuits  with seasonal jams, yes please. Lots of local and seasonal veggies, a must. And that table-side S’mores, simply amazing.

Some things have not changed. Others for the  better. The restaurant is run by Spice of Life Catering (Jeffrey Kollinger) who has also recently Kollinger taken over the F&B duties at  Statler Hotel in downtown Dallas, and soon to open the resurrection of Primo’s.


The best parts of the menu stay the same with the changing seasons, like the tenderloin chicken fried steak, but the shrimp and crawfish risotto, which was the real winner made with ginger-lobster butter.

The tableside ‘Smores have been a traditional favorite with pillowy soft marshmallows to roast over a small flame. The restaurant has stood strong while many similar have moved on, and I think this proves they are still very relevant for today’s diners that want a beautiful cocktail and a unique dinner that’s more than just steak.

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20 responses to “Tillman’s Stands the Test of Time *Contest

  1. Carly

    Love Tillmans, been a long time.

  2. Ted Brunsky

    Count me in for the contest. Never heard of this place!

  3. Stacy Adams

    Yes! I am on both pages

  4. Jim Satterwhite

    Added you both, good story

  5. Kevin

    Nice dawgster!

  6. Barbara

    Yum this looks so good

  7. Ned Fine

    You got me hungry!!!!

  8. DFWTexEx

    I took my parents to the original Tillman’s, the reincarnated Tillman’s, and finally again to the newest version. It has slowly evolved, but this last visit, just a few weeks ago, was as good as any. The chicken fried steak was perfect, as was the appetizer of crab cakes and fried green tomatoes, the elotes, and the pork belly. Delicious and fun!

  9. Barry Stodges

    Like the others it has been a hit minute since we have been. That changes this weekend.

  10. Sandy T.

    Sounds good to me?

  11. Gary Hoag

    All the restaurants in Bishop Arts are winners. Need to revisit Tillmans.

  12. Mark Masterson

    This place is great!!

  13. Carry B

    Something smells good!

  14. Sarna

    Yes ye yes

  15. Cheryl

    Entered. I want to try the smores for sure

  16. Sara T.

    I added everything thank you.

  17. Mimi

    I live in Oak Cliff not far from Tillmans and never have been. I know that is terrible of me, but lets change that today!

  18. Sammy Nguyen

    I want that chicken fried steak. I count on crave to always find the best ones in town!

  19. FabNaf Naf

    Sounds like a yummy place!

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