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Khao Noodle Shop Graces Bon Appetit

Khao Sao Chicken_Asian Mint

Khao Noodle Shop is one of Bon Appetit magazine’s 50 nominees for America’s Best New Restaurants 2019.

Since officially opening 9 months ago on December 12, 2018, it’s been an exciting year for Chef Donny and his team. Chef Donny’s vision was to introduce and showcase Laotian food in a way that respects its roots and make it his own.



The word Khao has many meanings: ‘khao’ by itself means rice or food, ‘khao gun’ means come together, ‘kin khao’ means to come eat and ‘khao kin’ means food.

“The name represents everything I hoped the shop to become—a home for friends and family to come together to enjoy great Laotian food. The Khao family and I are so grateful for the love, the support and attention that Dallas and beyond has given us. This was for my mom… I know my mom would be proud. #MaKinKhao (come eat) because we’re cooking,” he said.

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