Opening Day of the State Fair of Texas

18_bigtexcom_640x480_food2.jpgby Steven Doyle

Today is opening day at the State Fair of Texas. We will be bringing you reports of all the sights and sounds of the of the 3-week event. We have a few highlights of what to look for today, and hope your time spent at the great State Fair of Texas is a joyous one for you and your family and friends.


Today is Disani Water Day: Bring a 20oz full bottle of Disani water, or any 20oz Coke product and enter the fair half price ($9). This benefits the food bank.

Butter SculptureAmidst the blue ribbon winning contest entries displayed throughout the Creative Arts building lies an equally unique creation – the State Fair butter sculpture. The talented Sharon BuMann will take hold of the 2019 butter sculpture project based on this year’s theme “Celebrating Texas Creativity.”


Celebrity Kitchen: Join popular chefs from some of Texas’ most prominent restaurants at the Celebrity Chef Kitchen as they prepare and share some of their favorite dishes. These Lone Star food icons will also share kitchen tips, and answer questions from the audience. Be sure to stick around for the free samples at the end of the show. Today’s featured chefs include Janice Provost from Parigi (12:30), Sharon Van Meter from 3015 (2:30) and the lovely and talented Uno Immanivong from Red Stix (4:30. The sessions fill quickly, so grab an seat early.

John Tesar (appears that Tesar will not make it and sending his exec sous from Plano Knife, Julio Ortiz, but he will be making beautiful dry aged burgers) makes his appearance September 28 at 12:30 and our friend Ashley Henderson is on at 4:30.  Sunday the 29th find a huge line-up but do not miss William  Hodges from El Centro at 11:30, Tuan Pham from Two Sisters (talented and one of those sisters was my nurse when I was hospitalized) at 2:30. These are just a few of the chefs you will find this weekend that are our picks, there are many more exciting shows to choose from and we will  bring you more in coming days.

There are so many activities to explore during the great State Fair of Texas. Enjoy!

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