Terry Black’s Means Texas

TB47by Steven Doyle    photos by Joey Stewart

With roots hailing from Texas BBQ mecca, Lockhart, Texas, Terry Black’s has this amazing history in smoked meats which scream Texas.

We had the fortune to speak to the Black twins recently, giving us some insight into what is being served in the fairly new 10,000 square feet digs located in Deep Ellum, in the heart of Dallas. Twin pitmaster brothers Mark and Micheal Black were all but happy to chat to Crave on the cusp of the Covid-19 scare, but were calming to the end that they are carefully monitoring and sanitizing, and following all local ordinances. This also includes pick-up, curbside and store delivery.


That aside, we chatted about the vast history that arrives in Dallas through this storied BBQ brand that was elevated by the Black family great-grandfather, and made even more famous by their grandfather, then immortalized by the patriarch. In 2014 they opened in Austin to a cease and desist, followed by a family name scuttle that ended well for all true BBQ diners.

“We are making it a craft again,” Mark Black told us, “we are using offset smokers which allow for the low and slow process that provides for a higher quality product”.

It’s that process that enables the prime beef used to break down the muscle in their briskets, melting the extreme marbling,  and keep the beef moist. And let there be no doubt, Texas means beef. Black’s means Texas.


One of the favorite items smoked at Black’s are the beef ribs. It is also Mark Blacks favorite cut being served. It is a small menu with some terrific sides (and priced just right to give anyone looking for a big meal a nice smattering of choices. Selection is simple, look to brisket, beef ribs, pork ribs, turkey and sausage. And that is the famous Lockhart sausage we all know and love. All served by the pound.

Why  Deep Ellum? “Dallas is a classic Texas city, and Deep Ellum is the quintessential spot for us. It carries history, and we have history. Itm just made sense,” we were told.

When visiting the 400+ seat BBQ stadium, you are invited to check out the smokers and chat with the pitmasters. The twins love what they do, and it shows.


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2 responses to “Terry Black’s Means Texas

  1. mike ferrell

    great people and a great place to eat. Can’t wait for life to get back to normal to go see them again for a nice sit down meal with my family

  2. black tap with pullout hose

    very good food

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