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stephanpylesSM.0.0by Steven Doyle

Few times in my life have I been as pleased as today. As many readers and friends may know, the past year has been arduous at best. I had a brain aneurysm that left me paralyzed. It has been a struggle learning to walk, type and speak again. I haven’t done these things well yet, but with the help of some very good friends I have managed.

And with this, a new project – The Crave Show has taken off. The effort brings a new found joy in my heart as we talk to friends, new and old, and share the conversations with you.

Please watch and hopefully enjoy. Please subscribe and share!

The premier episode could not be better as we speak with my lifetime idol and friend, chef Stephan Pyles. Chef has always been extremely kind to me, and agreed to jumpstart the show with stories he regaled from his illustrious career. As he takes off in a new direction and gives rest to his toque, we find out about the future endeavors, past successes and current virus deeds.

His stories about the Queen, Cindy Crawford and Julia Child will bring you a basket of smiles.

Also, our friend at Frontburner, the co-founder of so many restaurants including Velvet Taco, Haywire, Ida Claire, The Keeper, The Ranch, Whiskey Cake and Sixty Vines. Don’t forget they started Twin Peaks. Michele DeWitt is a Dallas gem, and has been delving in the wine industry as a somm. She takes us through three labels she is sipping today,  and they are affordable and delicious. What a joy!

Enjoy the show. We have some upgrades in store, inspiring guests and true surprises ahead. Know that this is Zoom technology, so there are no beautiful sets, sound and lighting. Just good conversation and laughs.

Thank you for your continued friendship.

Venmo: @Steven-Doyle-8


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  1. scott

    Best wishes on your new project.

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  3. JC

    I LOVE THIS!!! (Yes, I’m shouting at you it’s so fab!) sending good thoughts from Richardson. XXOO, JC 😘


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