New on Greenville: Ngon Vietnamese Open With Limited Take-Out


After a decade in the restaurant business, Carol Nguyen wanted to open her first Vietnamese restaurant on Lower Greenville serving the food from her upbringing in Ha Noi and food from her favorite street vendors that she loves to eat. She was inspired to open Ngon when she wasn’t able to find the same culinary experiences and tastes of home in the Dallas area. Full of greenery, the modern and bright restaurant officially opens in early September at 1907 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206 (the old Shiva space).

From now until their official opening, Ngon will be serving a limited preview menu of take out only items from their Banh Mi Station of their restaurant. Available on their limited take out menu includes Vietnamese classics like egg rolls, spring rolls, banh mi, Vietnamese iced coffee; specials like King Crab fried rice, Hieu Tieu My Tho and Bun Cha Hanoi. Most of the ingredients and herbs are organic and sourced from local farms like the Tea Garden in Arlington.

Orders can be made by phone or in-person. They prefer in-person (masks on) orders and contactless payments through Venmo @ ngonvietkitchen & Zelle 817-565-2687.  Current business hours are Sun-Thurs 12p-7p and Fri-Sat 12-8p and restaurant number is 469-250-7183. When they officially open in early September, the restaurant will serve take out first by phone and walk-in orders with masks and then eventually open the dine-in area.

Carol owes her success in her life and her businesses to the women in her life, starting with some of the recipes are from her grandma, her restaurant name being named after her mom and also to her two managers Lyna Tran and Nini Nguyen who had helped her open her other two restaurants.

“This restaurant is close to my heart as it’s food from my home and food that I love to eat. It’s one of the few Vietnamese restaurants in Dallas proper so I want it to do my best to introduce and celebrate the food from my home and from all three regions of Vietnam to diners,” said Carol Nguyen.

Expect the traditional Vietnamese classic dishes and Ngon signature dishes King Crab Banh Canh, a Taste of Hue flight of bites, Bun Bo Hue, Pho (but Ha Noi-style which is considered the original Pho with a clearer soup and more herbs), Bun Cha Hanoi and a banh mi station in the front for banh mi with housemade cognac infused foie gras pate in each variety, Vietnamese iced coffee or Ca Phe Trung (Vietnamese egg coffee) to-go or desserts in the future.

With the Banh Mi station in the front of the restaurant and the patio area, Carol is planning to open late-night for coffees and bites like the culinary experiences in Vietnam. The restaurant is surrounded by plants and Carol’s favorite flowers, orchids, as you would normally see in a Vietnamese home or business in Vietnam, full of warmth, life and love. Carol wanted that same feel of home with black and white photographs of Ha Noi.

We will visit soon and have photos and a review for our readers.

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