The Volvo Vision for a Better Future Starts Right Now

Texans know when to step up. It’s that simple. So when the country was rocked this past spring & summer by the surge of COVID-19, Grubbs Volvo Cars of Grapevine was able to assess the needs of some of the most vulnerable Texans and send help where it was needed the most. Maybe it’s a coincidence that the first Grubbs automotive location was attached to the Grubbs Family grocery store, but making sure Texans could have access to one of life’s most basic needs has been a priority for Grubbs, 70 years in the making.  

When the COVID-19 crisis hit Texas, Grubbs Volvo was already on the frontline because of its existing commitment to feeding the terminally ill, the elderly, abuse victims, the working poor, and families with children.  It was shocking for Grubbs Volvo to learn that the COVID-19 crisis had actually DOUBLEDthe percentage of Texans going hungry.[1] Without waiting for federal help, Grubbs Volvo stepped up its efforts and partnered with other Volvo retailers to make sure that The Lonestar State was taking care of its own.


Both 2018 and 2020 projected statistics are based on research from Feeding America.

The Strength of the Pack Is the Wolf, & the Strength of the Wolf Is the Pack

Inspired by this line from a Rudyard Kipling poem written over 100 years ago, Grubbs Volvo has long held the idea that giving back is the only way to move forward. When it became apparent that the “stronger together, than stronger as one” mentality needed to be implemented, Grubbs Volvo Cars partnered with other Volvo retailers to boost the resources of the North Texas Food Bank. It paid off. Big time. Together, the Grubbs Volvo Cars relief effort was able to:

  • Provide 33,000 meals to hungry children, seniors, and families across Texas
  • Donate $50 from every new Volvo sold to augment the relief package
  • Secure 3 meals including 1.2lbs of fresh produce per donation
  • Implement a “Virtual Grocery Run” through Volvo Cars USA to match donations up to $100K

Caring for Our Communities Is a Way of Life

Grubbs Volvo Cars firmly believes in health and wellness – for all. Throughout the year, they have blood-drives and food-drives, volunteering, and support of nonprofits. With the onset of COVID-19, Grubbs enhanced its efforts to make its essential business safe and secure for all staff and customers. Grubbs has increased the sanitization of high-touch areas, they’ve structured work hours for minimal staff presence while ensuring maximum work-hours for all, they have improved their Volvo Valet program for a completely touchless purchase and delivery process, and monitor the health of all employees so that anyone feeling ill can take the time they need.

There are a host of new challenges in today’s world, but thankfully, Texans aren’t strangers to doing what it takes to answer any call. As George Grubbs III has said, “We have always been committed to putting the customer first. We realize, though, that this basic level of courtesy needs to extend to everyone when you are in the fortunate position of being able to help.” We couldn’t agree more.

Grubbs Can Help You Get Involved

If this special report has struck a nerve and you’re looking to find a meaningful way to help, Grubbs Volvo Cars of Grapevine has some resources for you. Of course, we’re always interested in community members that want to help us with our scheduled activities, so feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about getting involved.

Food insecurity is a real crisis. Up to 1-in-7 Texans may experience it this year.[2] If you run that ratio out, that’s 4-MILLION of us. Our friends. Our Neighbors. People you might not even suspect. If you want to help, or are in need of assistance, we’ve put together some essential resources for the agencies on the front lines, making things better for all:

These have been challenging times for all of us, and if we’ve learned anything from recent days, we can only do better when we stand together.

For more information visit Volvo Cars of Grapevine here.

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