Parigi For A Joyous Burger and Brunch

par3.jpgby Steven Doyle

Parigi has one of the very best burgers in town. Only sold at lunch and brunch, the burger is an ever revolving plate of joy. Let’s just begin with the word joy and see where that takes us today.

Sitting at brunch for a burger was a bit difficult for me since I am aware of the menu and know of items that are certain “must have’s” such as the deviled eggs. These tiny beasts are always a correct choice with each visit and is another revolving dish that is created by a different staff member each day. I have never tested this claim, but assume if I dined at Parigi 365 times in a row (gasp, another joy), I would sample 365 different recipes  for deviled eggs. Worthy of attempt to be sure.


Then there is the lobster laden joy (said it again) the knuckle sandwich. Pure goo between two perfectly butter toasted slices of crazy good sourdough from Empire (the best and you can buy it yourself at their retail store). Lobster, bacon, gooey fontina cheese and a sidecar of avocado and tomato… joy. Nothing but nice.

Then we spotted a North Carolina trout served with chanterelles and beech mushrooms with  potato puree and a  buerre blanc. How do you not choose that?

The offerings go on and on, and it is easy to spot that this is not your typical Dallas eggs Benedict brunch. But oh yes, eggs Benedict and a particularly enormous blueberry and polenta pancake served with walnut cinnamon butter. C’mon, say it: joy!


We ordered the burger, that is actually why we stopped in. Then was forced to order the knuckle sandwich because my friend wanted her own special joy.  And for good measure we ordered “dessert” for the table of that blueberry pancake that beckoned us, forgoing the double danger of peach cobbler and the legendary chocolate glob.

All was good at our table. The burger was one of the very best I have had in Dallas. As I mentioned the burgers change daily, but you may create your own. This one was loaded with jalapeno and bacon.  Juicy is an understatement. The bread, again Empire, held our burger in place near to the last bite. The beef tasted like any wonderful ribeye I may have enjoyed at any of our wonderful steakhouses. Get a burger here. For no other reason than to experience the joy I have.

The patio life is real at Parigi, even on the coldest days. Social distancing is just fine. You are surrounded by beautiful foliage, and of course you are supplemented by marvelous cocktails, wine, and joyful champagne. End your carb loading with a delicious blend of coffee for proper deplaning motivation and get after the rest of your joyful weekend.

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