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Kookie Haven is Cookie Heaven

image2 (21)by Steven Doyle

When sisters Nita Briggs, Kim Haynes and Darla McCuen sat down to decide what business they would open it became vastly clear they needed to resurrect their mother’s recipes and open the bakery that it now at 337 West Jefferson in Dallas. Kookie Haven is often confused for just a cookie shop because of the name, but that was actually their mother’s name, and although she is in heaven now it is a haven for those that love great pastries.

We sat down with sister Nita today because we needed to find out why people were flocking to this shop located next to Cultivar.

“People really do think this is a cookie bakery because of the name, but we do so much more,” said Nita.

The much more are pastries that may be customized including cakes, cookies and some unusual items they created just for Kookie Haven. Look for small, square slices of cakes (so much bigger and better than any cupcake out there) with flavors including red velvet, Italian cream, carrot and wedding cake. Some flavors are specials just for particular days of the week, requiring the cake lover to stop in often or simply call  ahead and order a small cake or a large one for any occasion.

Dozens of smaller bite cakes called “dinky bites ” are available as well.

A favorite cookie is the butter toffee crunch which is a delightfully buttery cookie with delicious mouth watering toffee that will more than please you and a few dozen friends at the office or your next party. But all the options in cookie love can be found daily, or custom ordered

Look for the cookies sold fresh baked at Fuel City and cakes and cookies at both Hunky’s locations in Dallas (one in Bishop Arts and the other on Cedar Springs). The ladies also have vegan products.

There is never a bad time to order cakes and cookies, but with the holidays now in full swing you have a new source for love.  Be sure to ask about their own creation of a cake with a cookie crust. The best of everything.

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