Uchiba Announces April Uncommon Ramen Collaborations with Aaron Franklin and Justin Holt

The April installments of Uchiba’s Uncommon Ramen Revisited, a take on Uchiba’s regular series featuring innovative collaborations with renowned chefs from around the country. Uncommon Ramen series has featured such celebrated chefs as Tommy Lee, Chris Shepherd, Tyson Cole, among others. In the “revisited” series, the Uchiba team will be bringing back some of the favorites from past years.

Uchiba will be collaborating with Chef Aaron Franklin in honor of National Ramen Noodle Day for a two-day special and with Chef Justin Holt where a portion of the proceeds from the month will go to support Justin and his partner through this time.

In collaboration with Aaron Franklin

pho broth

smoked beef, charred mushrooms, pickled red onion, marinated egg, and herbs

veggie ramen

pho style broth, king trumpet mushroom, charred mushroom, pickled red onion, sambal chili

specialty drink plum sour

bulleit rye, lime, basil

In collaboration with Justin Holt

paitan broth

shio tare, Ajitsuke egg, confit chicken thigh, onion, pickled mustard greens, mayu oil.

veggie ramen

miso broth, shio tare, ajitsuke egg, confit maitake mushroom, onion, pickled mustard greens, mayo oil

WHEN: Aaron Franklin Uncommon Ramen April 4th and 5th

Justin Holt Uncommon Ramen April 12th, 19th and 26th

WHERE: Uchibā

2817 Maple Avenue (above Uchi)  Dallas, TX  75201 (214) 855-1354

Uptown, on the corner of Maple Avenue and Randall Street 

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