Seafood Shack Still Full of Surprises

seafood-shack1by Steven Doyle

Seafood Shack on Webbs Chapel very near Forest Lane has been a long tradition for lunch, with big flavors that are fairly easy on the wallet. So is true for the newer and prettier version located on Northwest Highway and Marsh Lane. The latter offers a full bar, an airy patio and many more seats.

A recent visit for dinner netted some great finds included what they called fried octopus, which gave us odd visions of a heavy battered fish. Instead, we found the dish to be light with a crispy sautee, punctuated with chunks of onion and tomato. This dish fell supreme on our palate.  shack1fried octopus

Seafood Shack has a bent towards the Hispanic, but you will also find a bit of Cajun in the mix. Boiling pots with spicy sauces added to seafood, gumbo and more make for great dining.

The Oyster Po Boy is also extremely flavorful. The Gumbo has a great color, and the flavor is OK, but it doesn’t seem they spent much time on a roux. Or they thinned it out so much you miss out on that rich flavor. The seafood mixed into the soup is scarce, making this an item to avoid altogether. Instead, go for the mixed seafood stew. It is actually soup-like, has a terrific flavor and packed full of sea critters.

shack2fish and shrimp flautas

seafood shack2shrimp cocktail

But we enjoyed those Mexican tastes in the enchiladas, ceviches, and shrimp cocktail done old school fashioned. Especially interesting was the flautas that were mammoth in size and flavor. Service filled with either fish or shrimp, the two served is more than plenty once you gander at the portion.

DSC05718seafood tostada

DSC05726fried catfish, oysters and shrimp

When in doubt, select the fried catfish which always pleases. This served with  sides of fried shrimp and oysters will have you on a mind escape to the bayou.

Following the daily specials will put you in touch with some of Seafood Shack’s best flavors.

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