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Ranchers Prime Delivers on Flavor

A portrait of a Kansas cattle rancher

In the big world of big beef there are major misconceptions that the consumer must drive through. Grading, availability, quality are major factors when choose a cut, but also origin, heritage and hormones play a major factor in the world of greater awareness. We came across a group of ranchers that deliver on all fronts. Ranchers Prime makes the cut.

The Ranchers Prime ranchers are in the top 1% of their industry for raising high quality cattle and pigs. They are the most elite and esteemed ranchers in the nation because of their dedication, knowledge, and artisanship. Our strict set of criteria, including traceable beef and pork, ensures that you receive unbeatable flavor and consistent quality with every bite. This was compelling to use.

Traceability is important, but it is just one part of the equation to making great meat. Another key component aside from traceable beef and pork includes the elimination of artificial growth hormones. Most ranchers use artificial growth hormones to fatten up their cows quicker, but they sacrifice taste in the process. Artificial growth hormones make meat tough and tasteless and it isn’t the natural way to go about raising livestock.

It is not easy to achieve U.S.D.A. Prime Grade. It takes years of refinement, decades of expertise, and generations of livestock management to accomplish such a high merit consistently. U.S.D.A. Prime Grade is based on the marbling and texture of cuts and is the highest quality American beef you can purchase. And that marbling is where all the flavor derives.

Crave received our package over a week ago with an assortment of cuts that included filets and bone-in ribeye (that bone delivers on flavor). What we found was beef in America, raised in America, which thrilled us in anticipation of grilling and tasting the top 1% of difference over high-end supermarket steaks. That first bite is telling.

We enjoyed rounds of meals that varied from a high-end steak and eggs plate to a small party that elated around a campfire hollering as plates were passed with sizzling beef. This tiny party that cheered each savory nibble. Juicy, tender and full of flavor that had preciously been absent in other beef purveyed set Ranchers Prime in its own category to our elation.

Secure your amazing beef delivery by checking out the website: Ranchers Prime

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