Adair’s Burger is Still Mighty and Meaty After All These Years

screenshot-20170415-181735by Steven Doyle

Adair’s Saloon opened in 1963 on Cedar Springs and operated by S.L. and Ann Adair. They were known for their cold beer and a half pound cheeseburger that brought in plenty of local college students who were encouraged to let their artistic side out by marking up the walls with graffiti.   

In 1977 the couple retired and sold the bar to Lois and R.L. Adair , keeping the tradition alive until the Cedars Springs building was sold in 1982. The saloon was moved to its current location on Commerce in Deep Ellum the following year And in 1996 was sold to regulars Marty Monroe and Joel Morales.

The traditions have been held fast through out the years. Still a half pound burger on the menu. Probably the best in Dallas, if you are keeping score. The  jukebox is one of the best in the city, and musical legends will call Adair’s home when visiting Dallas. You will find great bands playing country tunes weekends.


The atmosphere is still graffiti-chic and the joint smells like beer and burgers. This is a good thing.


Adair’s is the quintessential saloon, Texas style.

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One response to “Adair’s Burger is Still Mighty and Meaty After All These Years

  1. Billie Flores

    I worked here and little Miss Adair allowed no dancing to the Juke Box and I personally saw her run many hooker off. Was a great place for food and fun.

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