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Kate Weiser’s Halloween Collection 2021

Kate Weiser produces gorgeous chocolates year-round, but Halloween is a special time for her talents to shine. Known for her intricately hand-painted bonbons, candy bars and seasonal goodies, Weiser has produced a batch of Halloween-themed delights, including chocolate pumpkins, chocolate skulls, butterfingers (emphasis on “fingers”) and even some delicious eyeballs.

These items are available at Kate Weiser’s flagship Trinity Groves store, all Central Market locations, and 25 Neiman Marcus stores around the country. Each is also available to purchase online. Quantities are limited, so be sure to secure your favorites before they’re gone.

Kate Weiser’s Halloween Treats

Chocolate Pumpkin

This incredibly realistic pumpkin is made from dark chocolate and contains malt balls, cherries, toffee bits, dark chocolate covered orange peels, and chewy salted caramel balls. Crack it open to eat all the goodies inside. / Available in-store and online now, $30

Chocolate Skulls

Set the mood with one of Kate’s famous chocolate skulls. Choose from the dark chocolate skull, which is filled with mini peanut butter cups, M&Ms and candy corn, or try the white chocolate version filled with crushed Oreos. / Available in-store and online Oct 1, $12

Butterfinger Collection

Yes, these Butterfingers look like actual fingers. Scare someone you love, then apologize with some candy. The five-pack’s flavors include Almond, Peanut Butter, Pistachio, Hazelnut and Pecan. / Available in-store and online Oct 1, $18

Six-Piece Eyeball Collection

Give someone the creeps, in a fun way, with this collection of realistic candy eyeballs. The hazel eyes feature pumpkin pie ganache in a white chocolate shell; the blue eyes are peanut butter cookie gianduja in a dark chocolate shell; and the green eyes include caramelized pink lady apple ganache in a dark chocolate shell. / Available in-store and online Oct 1, $18

Pumpkin Pie Candy Bar

This gorgeously decorated candy bar features caramelized pumpkin pie ganache layered with fluffy cinnamon marshmallow and pecan gingersnap streusel in a dark chocolate shell. / Available in-store and online Oct 1, $6.50

Make these beautiful chocolates a part of your Halloween this year, and remember: When Kate Weiser’s chocolates are available, you always choose treat. For more information or to purchase online, please visit

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