I Propose Pie Season Be A Real Thing: Great Pie Finds In Dallas

pieby Steven Doyle

Is there a thing called “pie season”? I know there is a Pie Council, possibly in the same vein as Garrison Keillor’s “Catsup Advisory Board” or his “American Duct Tape Council”. Pie Season to me would encompass most of the calendar not already loaded up with pie goodness such as National Pi Day, or Pie Day. There is also “Eat a Pie Day – December 1”, “Raspberry Cream Pie Day – August 1”, “National Cherry Pie Day – February 1” and a litany of other super cool pie days.

Perhaps I am over thinking pie and should just go out for a jog and a pie. Let’s do that instead with this healthy list of cool and recent pies in Dallas:

pie chamberlains myer lemon

Get a load of this delicious pie made by the good people at Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop. Consider this Meyer Lemon Pie after a haunch of beef.

pie city cafe key

City Cafe doesn’t get enough love, and they really should. Sure, the grilled lamb chops are a must, but this Key Lime Pie would qualify as a day in my imaginary Pie Season.

pie del frisco

Since we are on cream pies, you no doubt have devoured this hearty Coconut Cream Pie at Del Frisco’s.


The hand pie at Shoal’s is crispy and delicious, the perfect pie to devour after that giant bologna sandwich.

pie henks lemon chess

I once chatted with Stephan Pyles about his favorite pies and the elusive Chess Pie was mentioned. A delicious pie from my youth found at Henk’s European Deli.

pie liberty burger

Liberty Burger isn’t just about great cheeseburgers, but also this amazing Personal Chocolate Pie. The Frito Pie Burger is pretty special, too.

pie lord of the pie emporium

Behold: Lord of the Pies, a beautiful apple laden version at Emporium Pies.


In case you are new around here, I have written about pie a few times including here, and here and even here.

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