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Innovative Chef Lanny Lancarte announced today that Fantasma Kitchens has launched Pizza Zapasta and El Pollo Tocayo. The kitchen is located on the footsteps of Fort Worth’s trending North Side, joining Lancarte’s first all-delivery concept, Eat Fajitas, the fiesta delivered to your door. All three concepts will be located under a singular roof inside a renovated Methodist Church.

Fantasma Kitchens (fantasma defines as ghost in Spanish), will be Lancarte’s second venture into the ghost kitchen movement and completes his trio of food concepts. Eat Fajitas, El Pollo Tocayo, and Pizza Zapasta will be available “ghost-style,” served to customers in to-go and delivery options available within the Fantasma Kitchens app.

Pizza Zapasta intricately blends authentic Italian cuisine with traditional Mexican ingredients, which Lancarte is known for, into variations of pasta, pizza, and salads. El Pollo Tocayo focuses on al-Carbon style chicken and southern fried chicken options, all with a Mexican flare. 

“I have always drawn inspiration from my childhood and life experiences, my nuclear family is a blend of Mexican and Southern Heritage so El Pollo Tocayo is an expression of taking ingredients from both of my parent’s lineages and blending them into my interpretation.   I have always loved Italian cuisine and especially pizza. Being a student and having travelled extensively through Italy it has always been a cuisine that I have enjoyed exploring by weaving traditional Mexican Ingredients in classic dishes,” said Lancarte, “My family has a rich history on the North Side of Fort Worth both in business and as a place of residence.  Both of my parents are graduates of North Side High and my family all had residences in the neighborhood. I am proud to have grown up on the North Side and returning home to the North Side has been a long-time dream of mine.” 

The ghost kitchen is housed in the “Short North” at the corner of Northside Drive and Gould Ave., a former Methodist church, located on the very shallow steps of the Northside and joining the trending revitalization of the area. Many historic elements of the church, including the stained-glass windows and archways, have been preserved and integrated during the renovations to house Fantasma Kitchens.

Currently open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Fantasma Kitchens provides gourmet to-go food at a reasonable price. All offerings will be ghost only: curbside, pick-up, or delivery. The Fantasma Kitchens menu will also be available for private parties and events. Orders can be placed via website, via phone (817)-720-5090, or on the Fantasma Kitchens App.

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