Battle of the Fast Food Fish Sandwich

mcdonaldsby Steven Doyle

For those that follow along on social media, I have been spending my off hours hitting up fast food haunts swimming for the best in fish sandwiches. This goes along with our 40-day theme of seafood during the Lent season, but also gives us an excuse to over-enjoy our favorite type of food. Anything that swims or crawls across the ocean floor is fair game.

With all this in mind we present a myriad of fast food fish sandwiches.

fish jitb.jpg

We begin our journey for the perfect drive-thru fish sandwich at Jack in the Box. With locations virtually everywhere in the DFW area this would make an ideal choice. This sandwich is not on the menu but instead offered a Lenten special. This means it will go away soon, and for that you might be grateful.  In this case we can see a slab of fried fish but it is no better than the poorly made fish sticks you had in elementary school with an undetectable number of fish, and what was there was decimated in the fryer.  No flavor and bad choice.

fish arby.jpg

As far as fast food goes Arby’s has been making a huge attempt at reinventing itself over the past few years with a heavy emphasis on meat. The fish here is actually decent on the fast food meter of life, with the biggest failure being the bun (too gummy) and the lack of flavor with their tartar sauce. Otherwise, a perfectly fine sandwich.

fish wendy.jpg

Wendy’s has fallen off to the dark side of fast food it would seem. During our visit we not only sampled the fish sandwich (weak) but also their burger. The burger was seriously overcooked and dry with only a fries to save the day. The fish sandwich is an over-fried dried mess with little flavor or fish.

fish mcd.jpg

McDonald’s does a fish sandwich year-round but sells a majority of them during lent. Good for them. Although super small for the price you can get the layers of flaky fish and plenty of decent tasting tartar. The bun is steamed but holds the sandwich together well. What is up with that half slice of cheese? Reminds me of my mother who always had partial sticks of gum buried in her purse when I was a child.

fish bk.jpg

Burger King is not the king of fish sandwiches. Pass.

fish ljs.jpg

Long John Silvers. Here is the thing with LJS, they do not care about the health and well-being of their clients and fry fish, their main product, in what tastes like rancid oil. Fish imparts a very strong flavor into the oil and must be changed with regularity or it will turn on you. On two visits we felt ill almost instantly. Go home Long John, you’re drunk.

fish popeye.jpg

Popeyes just seems to do everything right, even though they were bought out a few years ago by the never-a-bride Burger King. The fish sandwich is crowned in this competition where it seems most players failed to show up. Get this nice po boy with a side of red beans and rice.

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