Fantastic Fish Tacos in Dallas

pinktaco_bajafish.jpgby Steven Doyle

Baja seems to be the best place to tag the origins of the fish taco. All my research points there, at least as far as North Americans are concerned. The true fact is somewhat murkier and no doubt flies back to the times of the original tortilla. You place between the fold with whatever you my have on hand. If that is a shard of beef, then it is a beef taco. For our early fishermen, it was the fish taco. Simple enough.

These special tacos are served at beach shacks as well as posh dining establishments, and the recipe continues to evolve. With choices ranging from grilled mahi mahi with tomatillo salsa to boiled lobster with chipotle lime butter, there really is something for everyone. The one thing that we all might agree on is that the best fish tacos are the ones eaten hot as you drip dry in the sun waiting for the next swell.

Baja-style fish tacos are traditionally made with southwestern slaw, chipotle pico de gallo, and Mexican crema. Fish tacos are among the most sought-after fare available from the abundance of marine life in the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean surrounding Baja, Mexico.

Today we present a list of some fantastic fish tacos found in the Dallas area, tell us your favorites!

ft diveDive Coastal serves some simple and delicious fish tacos with a slew of fish to choose from. The wraps are something very special with big and bold flavors not to be missed. Be sure to taste the curry shrimp wrap.

ft aw shucksAw Shucks has been a staple in Dallas for many years and serves their fish tacos (and everything else) on the honor system. Pay at the register what you order, there are no tickets. These tacos are simply delicious.

ft rafasMy chef friends tell me Rafa’s is their favorite Tex Mex. Agree or not, the fish tacos are a must order.

ft del grilleHoly smokes the tiny crispy ahi tacos at Del Frisco Grille should not be missed. They are worth the valet alone to taste, packed with flavor and a bite that will make you smile for more.

ft flyingThe tacos at Flying Fish can be soft or crispy, you decide. These are served up fresh and can also be fried or grilled. Either way, you will be happy.

taco.jpgWe have seen plenty of tacos offered by Lover’s Seafood and Market including a blackened shrimp. This lovely taco stands out for sure. You may have your taco your way at Lover’s.

ft seafood shackWe have extolled the virtues of Seafood Shack for years, and it is this glorious divey restaurant that serves up great seafood fast and on the cheap. Great tacos.

tj.jpgWe love the fish tacos at TJ’s Seafood Market. These are big and meaty with plenty of flavor.

40762137_2176816799232045_1314551662903955452_n.jpgTaco y Vino displays a fine blackened  catfish on plancha with aioli, tomatoes, pickled onions

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