Eat Me: Mia’s Tex Mex Brisket Tacos

miasby Steven Doyle

Mia Enriquez is one happy gal and she makes what most consider the best brisket tacos in Dallas at her namesake restaurant, Mia’s Tex Mex located on Lemmon Avenue in Dallas. What she also makes is one hell of a great brisket enchilada. When visiting Dallas most tourists make a beeline to Mia’s and join the locals as we sup on amazing Tex-Mex.

Other crave favorites include pinto bean soup, tamales, and beef chile rellenos. The rellenos are particularly delicious and top as some of our very favorite in the Dallas area.

Mia’s is taking Covid precautions and is offering limited seating, so please check for in-restaurant dining.


Mia’s has expanded parking after their more recent move just a skip down Lemmon, so comfort and accessibility are covered. Once you smack down on the hearty fare you will understand why Mia has made our list of Dallas institutions.

Having enjoyed a few rounds of beers with Mia herself in the past, we have been assured that she will never spill the beans on the secret to her brisket recipe. That is OK as long as she continues the tradition of serving up her tacos and enchiladas at bargain prices.

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