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Go Check Out Taco y Vino Today

From brilliant minds sometimes comes restaurant concepts so simple it defies imagination. This one comes from Jimmy Contreras who formerly was a stalwart in the Dallas wine community. It was four years ago when Contreras opened Tacos & Vino, a Bishop Arts resto that is snugly fit into a tiny home and blends with the neighborhood perfectly.

The food is better than you might expect, in fact it is divine. We have been enamored with appetizers such as the Tamale Bites, so good and we have not been able to exactly duplicate these delights. Tuna Crudo and Seafood Stuffed Jalapenos are amazing as well. All excellent and are joined by a handful of other starters that collectively could make for an awesome group nosh.

Then we must not overlook the obvious, tacos. They’re in the name so must be delicious. We enjoy all of them but particularly enjoy the Barbacoa made with beef cheek and eye of round to blend an amazing flavor that begs for another bite.

The Beef Choriqueso is an interesting bite concocted of beef chorizo and fresh milk mozzarella, blended with onions and folded into a fresh tortilla to create a mélange of pure joy.

We like the Blackened Baja which is blackened catfish, chipotle aioli, pico and pickled onions. All the tacos are an imaginative meld of deliciousness. We officially call shenanigans and ask for yet another bite, this time paired with one of those wonderful wines that Contreras curates.

We finish our dinner with churro bites and Texas chocolate cake (you know what THAT is), as we should. And perhaps more of that tasty wine.

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