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If you love coffee, then you’ll love learning about the world of caffeinated drinks just waiting for you to try. Get global and get your caffeine fix with our collection of the most delicious recipes from around the world. You’ll find fun and unique ideas here for coffee-based beverages that you can enjoy at every meal. We even included recipes for a few international drinks that created a stir on social media.

Whether you are looking for a new way to enjoy a morning cup or want to expand your knowledge of coffee customs, consider this your passport to caffeine heaven.

  • Korean Whipped CoffeeKorean Whipped CoffeeYou’ve seen it on TikTok — now make it at home. Whipped coffee is a fluffy, creamy, Korean-style twist on your everyday go juice. You need just 4 easy ingredients, plus a hand blender or whisk, to make this milky coffee treat that is delicious hot or cold. Enjoy it dairy-free, if that’s your jam, by using a plant-based milk.
  • Moroccan Spiced CoffeeMoroccan Spiced CoffeeSpice up your weekday mornings with this uniquely fragrant, eye-opening Moroccan coffee recipe. Aromatic spices added to ground dark coffee beans bring a complex flavor, and a nice balance for the natural bitterness of coffee. Brew it up in an automatic drip machine or French coffee press and enjoy it either with or without milk for your morning caffeine jolt.
  • Italian AffogatoItalian AffogatoItalian affogato is simply the easiest last-minute dessert to whip up when you entertain guests. You need only 2 ingredients for this elegant treat, made by pouring brewed espresso coffee over a chilled bowl of vanilla ice cream. Add a saucy splash of Italian amaretto or Irish cream liqueur, if you like, for a decadent dessert in a snap.
  • Turkish CoffeeTurkish CoffeeIf you’re a fan of ending dinner parties with coffee service, you can’t go wrong with classic Turkish coffee. Strong, dark, and robust, it is made with a unique brewing method that involves boiling down finely-ground espresso coffee beans with sugar and cardamom spice. Don’t fret if you don’t possess a traditional Turkish coffee pot — a small saucepan on the stovetop is a good substitute.
  • Vietnamese Egg Coffee
  • Frothy and rich with a layer of vanilla-scented custard topping, Vietnamese egg coffee is a little like having your after-dinner coffee and dessert in one cup. This essential strong and dark brewed coffee makes it easy to recreate this popular Vietnamese café order at home with an electric stand mixer.
  • CafecitoCafecitoCafecito (aka Cuban coffee) is a sweet coffee treat you can enjoy any time of the day. Strong, sugary, and surprisingly dairy-free with a crema made from sugar floating over dark-brewed espresso, it is an essential ending to every meal in Cuba. Make it easily at home with our go-to recipe.
  • Hong Kong Yuanyang (Coffee With Tea)Hong Kong Yuanyang: Coffee With TeaTasty and energizing yuanyang is a popular hot beverage in Hong Kong. The sweet and creamy pick-me-up is injected with a powerful double dose of caffeine from a unique blend of strong drip coffee and Hong Kong-style milk tea. Try it first thing in the morning as an energizing mid-day drink when you are working from home or any time you want to recharge your batteries.
  • French Cafe au LaitFrench Cafe au LaitPaired with a buttery croissant, there is nothing more quintessentially French than cafe au lait for breakfast. You’ll feel like you traveled to a sidewalk cafe in Paris when you sip this mellow, soothing beverage made with equal parts steamed milk and hot coffee. There is no fancy equipment required with our genius milk-frothing technique, which relies on a Mason jar.
  • Mexican CoffeeMexican CoffeeIf you enjoy snickerdoodles or any other treat combining coffee, cinnamon, and chocolate, you’ll flip for Mexican coffee. It tastes like the perfect marriage between hot chocolate and coffee with added cinnamon spice. Make it with any coffee maker and a saucepan for heating the vanilla-infused milk. Top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings for an indulgent treat.
  • Delhi-Style Cold CoffeeA glass of Delhi-style cold coffee
  • Delhi-style cold coffee is a refreshing, cold coffee drink that remains in high demand in India, where the summers are scorching. It is essentially a caffeinated milkshake made by blending instant coffee grounds with milk, sugar, and ice. Cool off with this quick and easy blended drink on hot days in your backyard or serve it at cookouts.
  • Swedish Egg CoffeeSwedish Egg CoffeeIf you can’t travel to Sweden, you can still enjoy this traditional Scandinavian coffee. You make it in a saucepan, by adding a raw egg to coffee grounds, then simply add water, boil, and strain, for an incredibly smooth, non-bitter cup. It makes the perfect accompaniment to your morning bagel, Danish, or cinnamon roll.
  • Cafe Con LecheCafe Con LecheSpanish-style cafe con leche (literally “coffee with milk”) is a hot espresso drink with steamed milk that anyone can make. Simply heat milk in a saucepan with no fancy tricks involved and combine with strong brewed coffee from a stove-top espresso maker. Multiply the single-serving recipe as needed to satisfy additional caffeine addicts.
  • New Orleans CoffeeNew Orleans Coffee (Cafe Noir)New Orleans is famous for its unique, eclectic culture, so it should come as no surprise that this region of America has come up with its delicious way to enjoy black coffee. Chicory is the magical ingredient that transforms an ordinary pot of drip coffee into a wonderfully thick and rich brew with a distinctive chocolate-caramel flavor.
  • Irish Coffee (Cocktail)Irish Coffee CocktailIconic Irish coffee is a nostalgic, warming tipple that has been popular for decades and makes a great choice on chilly evenings. Make this ski chalet treat with hot coffee, the best Irish whiskey you can stand to buy, a little brown sugar, and fluffy whipped cream to top it all off.
  • Italian CappuccinoItalian CappuccinoItalian cappuccino means “little cap,” which is a great description of the head of crema and white foam that tops the classic beverage. It is similar to the French cafe au lait in that it uses shots of espresso, but instead of including plenty of steamed milk, the Italian version uses a scant amount and goes heavy on the foam for a stronger coffee flavor.
  • German Pharisaeer KaffeeGerman Pharisaeer Kaffee
  • Pharisaer is a beloved German coffee-based dessert drink with rum and whipped cream. It is traditionally served in a high cup with a saucer, as a sweet ending to German meals. Serve it for a fun and delicious ending to a dinner of wiener schnitzel, or a grown-up treat on any cold or rainy evening.
  • Italian Coffee CocktailItalian Coffee CocktailThe Italian coffee cocktail is a fabulous way to get acquainted with Strega, an Italian digestif with the colorful, colloquial name of the “witches liqueur.” It brings its distinct, herbal flavor, to this warm coffee cocktail that is traditionally garnished with a dollop of whipped cream, and ground or freshly-grated nutmeg.
  • Thai Iced CoffeeThai Iced CoffeeBlending up your own iced coffee at home is a clever way to save big bucks on your coffeehouse spending. When you want to cool off, try this Thai iced beverage that is creamy and super-easy to stir up in pitcher, then chill in the fridge. You don’t even need a blender — just some strongly brewed coffee, sweetened condensed milk, and evaporated milk or heavy cream.
  • Yemeni Ginger Coffee (Qishr)Women enjoying coffeeGinger coffee (or qishr) is the coffee drink of choice in Middle Eastern Yemen, where aromatic spices are an essential part of the cuisine. This shortcut recipe uses only 4 ingredients, including easy-to-find ground cinnamon and ginger. It takes mere minutes to brew for a nice change from your usual morning fix.

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