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What does a resume look like for a high school student for a restaurant?

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Applying for a restaurant requires a perfect resume. Here is how to craft one that sells your skills.

Are you thinking of what makes great resumes for high school students looking to work in a restaurant? Even as a high school student, restaurant services are one of the areas that hold vast vacancies for high school students. This field can be a place of learning where you get to know new things Every time. These vacancies are not only for high school students; can I park well for those in college.

A resume is different from the usual assignment you do in college or high school because they need to have a practical impact on someone capable of employing you. Talking about assignments, you can get University standard essay services with a firm like Edubirdie. There are several assignment writers at Edubirdie that offer school Students excellent quality. These writers are well versed in their clients’ classes and what a teacher expects for assignment answers. You can trust them to help you deliver your assignment in one piece.

So back to how to write a resume so you can win vacancies in restaurants. This article will consider all the factors that make a copy excellent. Below is all you need to know.

Use Bullet Points

As a high school student seeking to work in a restaurant, you may have little working experience. But, no matter how few your working experience may be, bullet points will help you showcase what you can offer. You can use bullet points to make your resume interesting, expressing your responsibilities and experience. Bullet point helps you to express your qualifications better. For instance, instead of saying “good cooking experience,” you could say that you “have good knowledge in food productivity with strict adherence to kitchen hygiene.” Bullet points help to put you in a position to get an interview. 

Ensure to Include Relevant Keywords

The kind of resume you write when seeking a teaching job differs from the one for a restaurant—your choice of words to make your resume kitchen and chef-related matters a lot. When you submit a resume, there is a high probability that it will undergo scanning by the applicant tracking system (ATS). This helps your employers check for words related to the job you are applying for. Your choice of words and their relevance to the job will determine if you are well-experienced for the position. When writing a resume, use a list of restaurant/chef keywords and include them where they are most appropriate.

Be Concise

While showcasing your qualifications and experience for the position, it is essential to note that brevity should not be displaced. A resume is not a platform to share all your stories as they are irrelevant. Typically, a resume should not be more than a page, except if you have a lot of experience to include. So while writing, note that concision is key. As a high school student seeking a position as a chef, try to keep your information brief. After writing your resume, go over it again and trim off all irrelevant details. Simply state your experience, using relevant keywords in brevity. 

Talk About Your Skills

Showcasing your skill in your resume is a great tool to help you get an interview. As a chef, you need to have many skills with high proficiency and efficiency. You should showcase how you will manage your kitchen if given the position. Also, include the food safety regulations in your resume. This will help you by making your employer see that you have an understanding of restaurant and kitchen principles. You could decide to use a pro writer for this part if you find it a bit overwhelming. You can check Edubirdie and different profiles to know which works for you. Your resume skill highlighting success is at the choice of the writer you pick. As such, you have to choose well.

Check Your Work

Grammatical errors and wrong spellings are factors that can end one’s resume in the trash can. This is why you must go over your work again after writing. Ensure to proofread and check for grammar errors and incorrectly spelled words. You can make use of Spellcheck to help you find these errors. A resume is very important to ensure it is professional and polished when seeking a position. Another thing that can help you is giving your work to another person to help proofread your work. 

Use A Summary

Another thing to make use of when writing a resume is a Summary. It helps to relate your experience and details in a digestible to your prospective employer. Just be sure to keep your information brief and straight to the point.


This piece has outlined all the lessons students need to learn to write a resume for restaurant vacancies. These steps are easy to follow and only require a level of dedication for students to master them. You can continue to practice daily with them until you get better at writing them.

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