Crackaroni and Cheese Calzone This Thursday ONLY – GAPCo

As long as the world keeps giving us weird and wonderful holidays, Greenville Avenue Pizza Company will keep rising to the occasion with delicious specials. Next up is National Macaroni and Cheese Day, and just in case it’s not already plugged into your calendar, it falls on July 14. To celebrate, GAPCo is making a special Crackaroni and Cheese Calzone for one day only.

The Crackaroni and Cheese Calzone will be served on Thursday, July 14, at all GAPCo locations—Greenville Ave, Peavy Road and Richardson. The calzone begins with GAPCo’s classic dough and mozzarella cheese blend, and then adds ziti noodles, Velveeta cheese sauce, more mozzarella and Pizza Crack seasoning. It’s rich and comforting, and it’s served with a side of pizza sauce so you can dip each bite.

Don’t miss this one-day-only special, lest you have to wait a whole year to see what the GAPCo Pizza Slayers come up with next.

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