We Re-Visit Streets Fine Chicken and Happy We Did


by Steven Doyle

Serving southern fare Street’s Fine Chicken with an emphasis on top quality chicken, all that you would expect from the Street family restaurant dynasty. We scampered about with various dishes on our last visit and uncovered some terrific dishes that you will wish to picnic on this summer.


Little Devils

The best impression is no doubt their show stopping chicken which comes fried and roasted.  The latter is given a fanciful herb treatment that is not overwhelming and perfectly seasoned. We can say the fried is also seasoned extremely well and lacks the over-saltiness that we taste in many versions at other outlets as of late.

Street’s Fine Chicken also manages an excellent smattering of appetizers which could very well stand strong on their own. The smoked and fried chicken lollipops are superb. First smoked then given the fry treatment, the lollipops are deliciously tender and fall off the bone with little effort. These are sauced with a loving mix of Grand Marnier, molasses and a touch of horseradish for a fun adult flavor that should not be taken for any wing sauce you may have sampled.


Chicken Lollipops

Other notable pre-chicken tastes include the requisite deviled eggs which are Sriracha-spiked and given a sliver of ornamental jalapeno for a fine kick of flavor. The deviled eggs are possibly the best we have ever had and believe it when we say we’ve have had plenty.

On the menu you will find other gems such as Chicken and Dumplings and a pot pie with a crisped crust, along with a slew of sandwiches and salads -all with the chicken theme. But do not feel left out if you are vegetarian or vegan for that matter, the menu is constructed as such to accommodate well.

Be certain that it is understood that the bird is the star of the program, and you will most certainly enjoy a beautifully crusted hen that is at once juicy and tender. that crust has a slight saltiness that beckons but is cut with a smack of sweetness that will beckon yet another bite. Addictive is a word heard across the room as we crunched another mouthful.

This said, the Streets are known for bringing Chicken Fried Steak to the free world and you must order this amazing version at some point.


Fried Chicken

Chicken Fried Steak
Pork Chop

Sides are not an after thought at Street’s. remember, these are the people that perfected restaurant-style home-cooking in Dallas. You remember the Black Eyed Pea? There you were able to select from a massive list of veggies, and Street’s continues the tradition with remarkable whipped potatoes topped with creamy gravy, extremely fresh green beans, roasted Brussels sprouts kissed with a honey Dijon, collard greens, grits, and even black eyed peas.

Save room for a few lovely desserts, we did. Enjoy a lovely bread pudding (massive in stature) made with white chocolate and chunks of macadamia nuts served in a creme anglaise and topped with freshly whipped cream. Also offered as a very light and creamy chocolate mousse.


Happy Endings

Street’s offers a full bar with hand crafted cocktails, and unusually curated beer list, and a nice wine selection.

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