Vivador Jimmy Baldwin’s Tune Named Official Song of Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day (Video)


Texas has its own day to celebrate the almighty chicken fried steak and it is on October 26. The day was created by seventh-generation Texan and local entrepreneur, Jeffrey Yarbrough in 2010. Last year there was an addition of “Peace, Love, and Chicken Fried Steak” by Jimmy Baldwin as the day’s statewide anthem performed and filmed at Allgood Café .

Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day came about when Yarbrough realized one of Texas’ beloved food groups was not receiving the recognition it deserved. With the assistance of several other restaurateurs such as State Representative and Las Casas Restaurant (recently closed) owner Ralph Sheffield, Yarbrough was able to get the resolution signed on May 2, 2010 for Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day.

Since then, many Texas restaurants have started celebrating the gravy goodness and this year All Good Café is putting on “Peace, Love, & Chicken Fried Steak”, an original song by Jimmy Baldwin. Baldwin, an Americana Music top-40 artist and three time, first-round Grammy nominee, recently made Texas history by having “Peace, Love, & Chicken Fried Steak” become the official song of Texas Chicken Fried Steak day. The resolution was signed by State Representative John Wray last October.

Songwriter Jimmy Baldwin said, “I felt compelled to pen an anthem to this delicacy. I believe that world peace can happen over some chicken fried steak”.


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