First Chinese BBQ Roasted Duck For Christmas

by Steven Doyle

Through out Chinese history you will find notable recipes, poetry and even songs extolling the virtues of the tasty duck. The most popular treatment is by far the Peking Duck, one of Kissinger’s favorite and is said to have brought together our two countries during the 70’s Nixon visits.

Now considered a national dish, the Chinese roasted duck can be found almost everywhere. The best versions are most assuredly found where you may view the carcasses in their full splendor, and one of our very favorites can be tasted at First Chinese BBQ.  

With locations spread across the DFW area, our favorite FCBBQ is located on Greenville Avenue in Richardson, make a run for their roasted duck this weekend. Bonus for the BYOB action. You will no doubt want to visit for the annual Christmas duck. You may thank us later by sending bags of yuan.

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