Sweets For Your Dallas Valentine

couple-holding-hands-sitting2by Steven Doyle

When we think of Valentine’s Day we tend to think of chocolate, love, and presents, yet most of us don’t know that Valentine’s Day has its roots in an ancient Roman fertility festival called Lupercalia. It was a festival celebrating early spring, fertility, the ancestors, and love. The ancient priests would sacrifice a goat and then make their way around the perimeter of the city of Rome, lightly tapping women on the way with strips of the blood-soaked goat’s skin. No one thought this was strange, as this was an invitation for the spirits of the ancestors to re-incarnate through the cycle of rebirth and ensure fertility. At the end of the day single girls would write their names and place them into an urn. Each bachelor would pick a name out of the urn and would spend the year with her — thus ensuring fertility for the community.

This Valentine’s Day there is no need for priests, goats or urns, just a special night of love and charm coupled with a nice dinner and perhaps something very sweet like one of the following that may be found in Dallas.


They’re light, they’re crisp, they’re full of sweet flavors, you need to think about one of the gift boxes of macarons from Bisous Bisous for your Valentine. They offer gift boxes of 2, 6 or 12 pieces. Bargain at any price.


Kate Weiser, the cherub of chocolate, is offering a host of chocolate goodies including a sweet variety pack of chocolate covered cherries, strawberries, toffee almonds and sour gummy hearts. She also has plenty of heart shaped boxes of chocolates in your favorite variety of flavors.


Dude, Sweet Chocolate is the spot in Dallas to satisfy your hunger for all things chocolate. Let famed Dallas pastry chef be your spirit guide to love.

dr sue

One of our very favorite chocolatiers also happens to be a practicing doctor. Dr. Sue is a practicing physician on a mission to fight obesity-related disease through all-natural dark chocolate made to taste better and help you live healthier. The good  doctor believes all-natural chocolate offers a richly decadent yet more healthful and beneficial confection. Her chocolate also happens to be extremely delicious. Check out her gift boxes, and a large variety of delicious chocolates (including orangettes) at her shop, Dr Sue’s Chocolate, in Grapevine, or in stores across the Metroplex.


Want to watch your chocolate being made, or perhaps have a custom bar made while you wait? Look no further than Dallas’ only bean-to-bar chocolate shop in Watters Creek. At Sublime Chocolate you will find exotic flavors made from chocolate beans from places such as Madagascar.

chcolate secretsChocolate Secrets is your one stop for wine, chocolate and much more. Don’t forget the delicious house-made ice cream (pistachio is to die for for), pastries and sandwiches. This is a terrific date night location with jazz each night of Valentine’s week. You can’t  lose here.

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