Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut Edition 12: There’s No Place Like Home

Monkey 47, a cult-favorite, ultra-premium dry gin from Germany’s Black Forest, announced today the launch of the newest edition of its Distiller’s Cut, available in the U.S. market for a limited time starting February 2023. Each year, Monkey 47 debuts a new edition of its highly collectible Distiller’s Cut, which features a Species Rara to complement the 47 unique botanicals in its signature Dry Gin. After embarking on a quest to discover the perfect 48th botanical in the obsessive pursuit of unparalleled quality, Monkey 47 unveiled Galim odoratum, more commonly known as Woodruff, as the Species Rara in the 12th edition, sourced from a familiar landscape – none other than the distillery’s home in the Black Forest. 

Some of the best things are right there under your nose, and this edition’s Species Rara was found in the wooded expanse just beyond the distillery gates. Woodruff, or in German, Waldmeister, is a member of the Bedstraw (Rebiacae) family that owes its unique, pungent aroma to the coumarin it contains. With its aromatic profile, Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut Edition 12 is a spicy and elegant Dry Gin that features delicate, almost ethereal top notes of cinnamon and vanilla against a backdrop of extraordinary density and complexity. It is a remarkable taste experience, not only for those who appreciate the refined aroma of Woodruff, but for all who enjoy a high-quality gin sourced from the finest ingredients in the world.  

“Now in its 12th edition, this renowned cult classic continues to set the hearts of bartenders and gin enthusiasts around the world racing. This edition of Distiller’s Cut is proof that good things really can be found right before your eyes,” Alexander Stein, Founder of Monkey 47, said. “At the Black Forest Distillery, we’re proud to offer guests an experience rooted in the exploration of the amazing ingredients that can be sourced within a short distance from the distillery. Distiller’s Cut is a homage to these hidden gems, and further proof of how we leave no stone unturned when it comes to adventures of flavor.”  

To obtain the characteristic flavor of coumarin, Woodruff leaves are dried for several weeks. Woodruff only contains a precursor of this fragrant substance, which is only released by enzymes  when the plant is ground up or left to wild. Luckily, the granary at 24 Hofe just outside the distillery gates is a dry, shaded place that’s ideal for getting the moisture out of the leaves before they’re added to the traditional Monkey 47 macerate. Due to the concentration of essential oils involved, striking the perfect balance in the amounts used is critical in order to blend in this intoxicating interplay of aromas and achieve the most harmonious overall composition possible. 

Woodruff plants, which prefer nutrient-rich soil, can be found in the woods from mid-April. Their small, white buds start blossoming in early May and bristle-covered fruits form around the beginning of September.  

Staying true to Monkey 47’s collectable and sophisticated bottle, which reflects the brand’s constant pursuit of quality and rich heritage, this time the label is bright green taking inspiration from the Waldmeister’s lively green leaves. The giftbox is created with sustainable FSC paper and its design unites Monkey 47’s legendary wallpaper and the new unique label colorway in a refined understated manner.  

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