Ten Meaty Ideas In Dallas

dadby Steven Doyle

Dallas is steep up in plenty of steakhouses and barbecue joints and that what might endear most of us to this city. Even our vegan friends make pretend kabobs and chicken fried steaks because that is a thing.

Today we offer many meaty ideas for your beef bucket list. Playgrounds for adults to chew cow and even a pig or two.  If you have a favorite meat haven, feel free to chime in below in the comment section. We only wish we had a free grill to add to this meat pile.

dad pecan

Pecan Lodge has a huge selection of beef just waiting for the order. Do something super cool and order a side of fried chicken while at the Deep Ellum restaurant. It is something you will be bragging about to the boys at the office the next day.


Nick and Sam’s conjures up memories of slabs of carefully curated steaks, marvelous sides and wine, straddled with impeccable service.

dad deli

On a bit of a budget but want to jolt your cholesterol level? Head to Deli News in North Dallas where they make these humongous sandwiches piled high like they do in those famous New York delis we pine for. Snap a selfie with this monster while digging your choppers into one of these.


We adore Lavendou with so many options to choose from including delicious lamb chops.

dad knife

John Tesar’s (a recent Michelin starred chef) Knife at the Highland on Mockingbird is a beef Mecca. You do not even have to spring for the 240-day aged haunch to win over even the toughest meat curmudgeon, and the menu has a smattering of steaks priced for any budget. Incidentally, the best wedge salad in town.

dad chamberlain

As legends may have it the surf and turf at Chamberlain’s Steak and Fish may be the very best the city has to offer. Chef-Owner Richard Chamberlain knows his way around both steaks and seafood and plates a mean dish for any occasion.


Lockhart Smokehouse in Bishop Arts and Plano works overtime to ensure that you never take a match to those tired briquettes at home. These folks have it under control and use the most manly of woods, post oak, to torch their giant slabs of beef just for your friends and family.


Thinking lamb chops, or perhaps a hunk of pork? Steaks might be the crowd choice as well. And he is really into the wine thing, right? Too many questions, just head to  Pappas Bros. and let the majority decide. The place is ripe up in sommeliers, too.


Have a hankering for something unique to put in your belly? YO Steakhouse has you covered. There will be a bit of game, beef and even a deep fried lobster to tickle your belly just right. Tucked away in Dallas’ West End you will be sure to find something terrifically special.

Find Local Yokel in McKinney where they have 20 beef selections for you to choose from: bistro filet, petit strip, chuck-eye, McKinney steak. It’s a meat adventure.

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