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Texas Bartenders Tasting Bourbon

by Crave Staff

The Texas bartending community has come together to support each other in a cross promotion among breweries and bars around Texas. In early September, five bartenders representing four major Texas markets visited the Buffalo Trace distillery in Frankfurt, Kentucky. Austin’s Bill Norris (Alamo Drafthouse) and David Alan (Tipsy Texan), Houston’s Alex Gregg (Anvil Bar & Refuge), Dallas’s Michael Martensen (Cedar’s Social), and San Antonio’s Jeret Peña (The Esquire Tavern) participated in a private barrel tasting in order to bring unique expressions to the state of Texas. After tasting eight barrels, the bartenders compared notes and chose four of the best bourbons to bring to the Texas markets.

Alex Gregg, of Anvil Bar and Refuge, remarks, “The whiskeys selected represent a broad spectrum of flavor profiles and highlight the extremes that occur during the aging process. The flavors range from the hot, spicy, aggressive seemingly rye to the soft, dusty, yet fruity nuanced.”  Continue reading

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