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Common Table Has Real Honest-To-Goodness Poutine

by Steven Doyle

The search for poutine in Dallas has been arduous at best. But this week we learn that it takes a village to make the ethereal and  savory dish known by all in Canada as their national dish.

The staff at craveDFW aren’t the only ones stymied by the fact that it is so difficult to find something seemingly simple in a city as large as Dallas. Scardello Cheese monger Ali Morgan has been equally pining away for the dish for quite sometime after she made a cheese trek to Canada.            Continue reading


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2012 Crawfish Season is Here!

by Steven Doyle

You know what sounds good about right now? Well, besides that. Crawfish! It’s a bit early for crawfish you may think, but our buddy Jon Alexis from TJ’s Fresh Seafood Market has raised the flag to note that the season is on.

Jon says that the mudbugs are early and on the small to medium range in size. However, he has a way for you to get a weekly crawfish update to keep you in the party loop. Remember, they get larger and cheaper as the season progresses.

Hop on over to the fishmonger’s website and select ‘crawfish’ when signing up for his mailing list. That way you won’t be bothered with missives on delicious razor clams or today’s message about the arrival of fresh barramundi.

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!


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Crave Stuff To Enjoy While Reading Crave

by Steven Doyle

Pegasus News and FW Star Telegram food critic Teresa Gubbins sends us word that there is a new product we might want to investigate. She sent over a link to the Dallas Morning News where they actually reviewed a new breakfast cereal called Krave.

News writer Jeffrey Weiss didn’t care much for the new cereal being test marketed in North Texas, using words like ‘sawdust’ and ‘cold, fibrous mush’ to describe a bowl he prepared for himself. At one point he even threw out the most oft used culinary term ‘Yuck-o’, so we are thinking the near-namesake cold cereal is not going to be high on our shopping list for the craveDFW test kitchens.   Continue reading

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Ft Worth Coffee Shop Dons Daisy Dukes

by Crave Staff

Coffee Dreamers of Texas, a relatively new coffee shop located on the west side of Fort Worth at 750 Alta Mere Dr. just north of Ridgmar Mall, which opened its doors in November 2011, brewed not only coffee, but also a lot of controversy by having their baristas wear a “Daisy Duke” type of uniform which exposed the employees midriffs. 

Coffee Dreamers owners, husband and wife team Kim and John Holland, say they wanted a Texas themed outfit for the baristas to wear, but it appears some of the female patrons don’t care for the uniform. John said “We never intended to offend anyone with the uniform”.     Continue reading


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Holiday Burlesque Tonight at Trees

by Courtney Crush

The holidays have long been cursed with the drudge of traditions that don’t always escalate the spirits. Let’s face it. “The Nutcracker” is several hours of yawn with an intermission fit for coffee zapped with a double shot in hopes of not interrupting the second act with snores from the mezzanine. A second act? It’s not over yet? Blech! That isn’t to say that occasionally a tear of nostalgia doesn’t spring to the mind’s eye every now and then.

Ballet is an exceptional art form of beauty and poise. Nonetheless, by the caffeine infused second act, my eyes have fuzzed over and I’m recreating the storyline with more drama and less clothes. A sprinkle of sugar and spice goes a long way to kindle enthusiasm. What if “The Nutcracker” was performed in the tradition of burlesque? Now that’s a show I could stay awake for.  Continue reading

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There’s Mercy For That Hangover

by Steven Doyle

There are a few side effects of racing through so many cocktails in the maddening attempt to find the perfect and most satisfying drink. Each week we throw on display some of the best cocktaliers Dallas has to offer. This week it was Lucky’s libations over at the new Chesterfield, the week before it was Matt’s at Tate’s on McKinney. Coming up next we will be sampling the drinks at Oak and the yet-to-open Standard Pour. There is always a new drink to sip, and to be perfectly honest, I like it that way.

But that damned side effect — the hangover. It can often lie in wait, making you suffer through your day in regret.    Continue reading

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