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Tonight at the MAC: Oral Fixation

by Steven Doyle

Tonight, December 13th at 7:30pm at The McKinney Avenue Contemporary is the second show in Dallas’ newest theatrical series. Like The Mothin New York or This American Life on NPR, Oral Fixation – An Obsession with True Life Tales features high-stakes, personal, true stories revolving around a particular theme. The December show features seven stories on the theme Home is Where the Heart is.    Continue reading

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Is Turkey Bowling Good Sport?

by Steven Doyle

Tonight is historically a big drinking night, and who could blame the single masses for trekking out the day before their annual family gathering that often can prove exacerbating. On the up-tick, you will also find other singles while sampling your favorite libation.

Also, while roaming the city you will see your share of activities such as Turkey Bowling. This is a ‘sport’ using a frozen turkey as a ball with the goal to knock over ten pins.

The game is quite popular with bars all competing for the late night Thanksgiving Eve crowd. The sport even has its own lingo such as setting a ‘fowl line’ and breaking a 7-10 spit fondly termed a ‘wishbone’.    Continue reading


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Vegan Girl Does Absinthe Lounge for the Holidays

by Melissa Brenner

It’s party season, people! I’ve been to quite a few already, but there are myriad more on the calendar. Problem is none of them have been all vegan. All drinks and no food (celery and carrots on a tray don’t count as alcohol appropriate food, by the way) makes for me needing a ride home.  What are your options for a totally safe for vegan holiday party? Have it at your house or have it at your vegan friend’s house… blah. What if you, like me, prefer to be out and about where all of the fun party energy is flowing? What if you, like me, prefer to leave the set up and clean up to someone else? What if you, like me, prefer your glass items remain intact (unlike the last party at my house)? Here’s your answer: call Miss Lisa Carmen Olson at Absinthe Lounge.

Lisa is the Queen of party planning and always has some great theme that makes the evening even more interesting. Anyone that has attended one of Lisa’s parties knows that nobody leaves without having a good time and making some new friends. Now Lisa is available to plan your party. For your vegan soiree, she’ll take care of all the party details, or just the things you don’t want to deal with, including the vegan catering, theme, decorations and probably even a signature drink for the evening.   Continue reading

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Revive Premiers Atop Glass Uptown

by Steven Doyle

We stopped by Glass Uptown last night to check out the unveiling of their large patio club that was billed as a rooftop bar and called Revive. The night would be catered by Nick and Sam’s, DJ’s and cocktails (one of our favorite combinations). But as the winds picked up so did the awnings outside, leaving the party somewhat lacking for its own premier.

Instead, check out Revive this Friday for a sneak peek soft opening.

Glass Uptown/ Revive
1899 McKinney Ave
Dallas, TX

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A Chat With Gilbert Garza at Suze

by Steven Doyle

Recently we sat with chef Gilbert Garza, owner of Suze in North Dallas. Suze is considered one of the better secrets in the restaurant trade, tucked away in its snug strip center surroundings on Northwest Highway and Midway.

Garza was classically trained at California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, but actually started his road to cooking in his grandfather’s restaurant at the age of 11. Suze has been featured in top publications nationwide, including Bon Appétit, Gourmet Magazine and USA Today.

Garza traveled to Tuscany and worked under some of the region’s premier chefs, but has also worked with some top hitters in the Dallas area including David Holben, Dean Fearing and Kent Rathbun.    Continue reading

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craveDFW Happy Hour at Eddie V’s

by Steven Doyle       photos by Suzi Migdol

Last night marked the second craveDFW happy hour and we celebrated with incredible Maker’s Mark 46  cocktails and bites of Ranger Rolls made by chef Brad Albers at Eddie V’s  on Oak Lawn.

The beautiful lounge was the perfect setting for the happy hour that filtered on into watching the World Series at the bar.   Continue reading

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More 828 Action

by Steven Doyle    photos by Suzi Migdol

We have more photos from last Friday’s version of the 828 pop-up bar. In speaking with Michael Martensen, he said that the space is so much fun that he is considering taking the location for his next venture and keep it much the way you see it today. This would be a good thing. We have enjoyed the first week of 828, beautifully collaborative venture between Martensen and fellow barmen across the city.           Continue reading

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