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Hofmann Hots Opens Feb 8

dogby Steven Doyle

We have been quietly following Hofmann Hots for months now, and last night we received a really cool phone call from one in the know at the doggery that they will definitely be open a week from today, February 8, 2013. The mystery will soon be over. We were invited to a sneak preview and will bring you back all the great information and photos this coming week.


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State of the Hot Dog Report

by Steven Doyle

Do hot dogs make you lose control? All year long we have been hearing about the hot dog moving in on the Dallas mainstays such as the almighty burger and cheap-to-eat taco. We have already witnessed new doggeries (I am selling this term to Webster, so feel free to use at will) such as Bowery and Jerry’s Wood-Fired Hot Dogs that is based in California.

My friend, Chef Johnny Carino called and left me a message this morning that he had heard that Jerry’s was now in Dallas and was planning a trip to the new store soon. Carino is somewhat a health fanatic, so those dogs must be pretty damned good to motivate him to actually eat one.   Continue reading


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