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Go Texan Is Meaningless When Applied To Wine

texan1by Andrew Chalk

Crave readers will recognize the above symbol as the distinctive, protected, mark of the Texas Department of Agriculture’s (TDA) “Go Texan” campaign. The campaign even has its own web site, GoTexan.org. According to that site, the aims of the campaign are to promote Texas agricultural products. Under “Rules and Guildlines” the Department says firmly “Maintaining the integrity of the GO TEXAN mark is the key to preserving the powerful brand positioning GO TEXAN members enjoy. These guidelines are provided to ensure proper use of the GO TEXAN mark. If you have any questions Continue reading


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Dear Whole Foods Market, Please Remove Non-Texas Wine From Your Texas Wine Display

whole foods addisonby Andrew Chalk

Walking around the new Whole Foods Market in Addison this weekend I came across a whole pallet of Texas wines. Or so it seemed. One of them was the wine below. It is the Dry Comal Creek Vineyard ‘Comal Red XI’ Red Wine. The front label points out that the winery is in New Braunfels, so you might think that this is a Texas wine. On the bottom right of the label is a star decal which says ‘featuring Texas-Style wines’. That also appears to indicate that this is a Texas wine. Continue reading


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Texas Roussanne Wines Get Ranked

rouss-blind_set1by Andrew Chalk

You may recall that Crave conducted MoAT1 (the Mother of All Tastings No. 1) just a month ago where we pitted 16 Texas wines from the Viognier grape against two known stars from California and a French example. Texas took the top six spots, confirming an improvement in quality that I have seen happening over several years. Now comes news that TXWineLover blog, one of the best blogs about Texas wine, has conducted a similarly comprehensive tasting, but this time of wines from the Roussanne grape from Texas. Roussanne is a good choice. It has also been steadily improving and is also a wine grape originating from the southern Rhône region of France.     Continue reading


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